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America’s Most Wanted, answers might finally be found!!!

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  It was with utter joy that I read the post on fb that AMW had joined the cause of finding Lisa Stone.  It is with unending  determination that Lisa’s friends have pursued this case.  Her partner had no clue how dogged Lisa’s friends would be in their determination to find answers, and the quest continues.  It amuses me that her partner thinks by blocking those of us who continue to contact her and ask questions, that this will go away!  Now that John Walsh is involved, hahahaha,  she thought we were a pain in the arse, the games are just about to begin.  And , I got news for you “partner” until the truth comes out you will have me and the rest of the group to deal with.  I can see from the website and your tweets that you think this is all behind you.  There is no statute of limitations on the crime you are suspected of.  I barely knew Lisa but, I do know my friend that you stole from and that alone was enough to get you on my radar.  You have no idea how many people look forward to the time that we can sit in a courtroom and watch the person or persons involved in whatever happened to Lisa be brought to justice.  It is going to happen, we just don’t know when!  So enjoy while you can…


Looking for Lisa Stone, if you know anything let us know!

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  I’ve listened to my friend for the past year, tell me of her concerns for her neighbor, a lovely lady that I have only met a few times.  There are not many among us who have not made bad decisions when it comes to our hearts, and most of us are lucky to get out alive in those situations, don’t know whether she did or not right now.  This is a lesson for all of us, if we are scared tell others, get out of the bad relationship that you are uneasy with.  Life is to precious and way to short to waste on those that are not worthy of our love and concern.  They had been together for fifteen years that is a lot of years and a lot of shared history and yes it is hard to let go of that.  The older you get the harder it is to let go and start anew.  The things I have heard convince me that her partner is involved, but, until it is proven in a court of law I cannot say for sure that she is the culprit, she has not helped or participated in the search for Lisa, she didn’t even report her missing to the authorities.  What does that tell you????   I can identify with Lisa, the things her friends have said about her tell me that she was a good person, who just wanted to be loved, just like all of us do whether we admit it or not.  I went looking in the woods the other day with some friends of mine, we didn’t find anything but, someday someone will.  We ran into a person that one of my friends knew and the things he said enraged me, guess what dude not only are you not funny, you are a waste of human flesh, you better hope you never go missing I doubt anyone would bother looking for you.  Like the song says a missing person that no one missed at all.  This is not the case with our Lisa, in spite of what her partner thought of her worth,  world is looking now and just when you think we have stopped looking, you will be wrong.  Do the world a favor and turn yourself  in.  You are not an unknown anymore, if you are innocent and I doubt it, participate tell the authorities the truth about what you know.

virtual redecorating much easier in the virtual world than real life renovation…

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      Been moving the chickens, and the trees and the fences and the hanging plant trellises.  I haven’t gotten up from my chair to do any of that,, Now yes I ‘ve gotten up other things have needed doing.  but, the renovations on the virtual farm have been painless, unless I’m developing carpel tunnel from too much clicking  Since I began  it’s been an interesting journey, it started from pretty much a solitary endeavor and then turned into a social one and then evolved into an activity that I share with the people who I work with..  When I started , my farm was several haphazard plots, and more often than not I would come back to dead crops, if it wasn’t for the coins from the trees and barnyard animals, that spread would have been abandoned a long time ago.     When I got serious, and why I got serious I have no idea but, I did and then the plow and plant  until the coin ran out , then come back and do it again.  My family wasn’t to happy with me to say the least…      

   The farm was calling my name and there were crops that needed harvesting, boy if the real world had growth cycles that quick, no one would starve . but I digress,  I’ve been asked what it is I enjoy about the game and that is easy, all the neat, nice and varied folks you meet from everywhere,  a truly free exchange of speech, that in itself is amazing.   The neat orderly world you can create and keep it that way!!!  And, as long as I keep planting and plowing and harvesting the trees and animals, I can go to the market and get most anything they have to offer.  Another thing I like is I can keep  on adopting animals and they pay me!!!   I know my heritage  shining through…  Sometimes, I look at all the critters I got on that farm think I’ve lost my mind.    Someday I will actually count them up, oh wait there’s golden chicken, brb…

Sometimes life happens that way…Are you serious, as my friend says…

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  It took me less than a minute to find the woman on Facebook, another minute or so to find her address, place of employment,her position and tenure  there. Her kids names her husband’s name and employer, and other relatives names, and a wealth of other information.    It did not take me long at all, so I really want to ask this woman, ” ARE YOU SERIOUS????? ”   Now days  access to the internet is  available to most anyone,  And you are ignorant enough to leave a rude note on a credit card slip, are you just not real bright???  These folks had received exemplary service they ran up a decent bill, it was a cheap out, a ghetto move all the way.  And the woman was right sometimes life happens that way, but, be warned others might go farther than I, I just wanted to know how fast I could flesh her out, and it was pretty darn instantaneous.  The marvels of modern days, you see it doesn’t matter that they were rude,  folks who think they should get a free ride, well… what goes around comes around…

updating that profile pic…. hmmm, nah I got other things to do!

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    Yes it is true, I’m really not a bunch of yellow flowers, lovely though they are.   It’s just that every time I take a picture, this old woman keeps staring back at me, it isn’t the face I expect to see.  Now I realize this isn’t even close to logical, but, it is what it is.  And of course life is what it is..    Amen!  An article caught my eye , about what Hawking was saying (you know the genius)  about us really needing to leave the aliens alone out there.  E.T. that is.  Unless they have already taken over and we just don’t know it.   With what is going on out in Arizona, its hard to believe that a humane person is in charge.  On the way in to work I was thinking about how it only takes a split second of not paying attention for things to go horribly awry, and yes I am still talking about this today and I may keep talking about this until I can talk no more.  It astounds me how many people are only vaguely aware of what is going on and the ones that are aware only some get, how horrible, and far-reaching the effects of letting this evil grow.  We must all stand up and tell our lawmakers that we as Americans will not tolerate being singled out because of race, creed, religion, or sexual orientation.  We need to pay attention, and not let this continue, go to the face book page called ban Arizona  read up, join up sign the petition, get involved.  Let’s all kick this evil to the curb!

   I know that I don’t want to live in a country where  it is okay to harass someone because of their race, and it’s not like folks haven’t been going through racial profiling for a long time but, at least there was a repercussion available.  Now it is open season on brown folks in Arizona, which in one way I find ironic since so much of the western United States was originally Mexico and Spain.  There are families that have been there longer than this United States has been a country, yet they also are subject to be harassed because of these new laws.. Go figure

the computer had swallowed them up whole, well they will come up for air when the service goes off…

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     Where have all your friends gone???  Hey, you know where they are, if you are on Facebook,  and get to read the posts of the latest achievements in virtual world.  Hey, I’m not knocking it as I’ve said before I wouldn’t mind living on the farm that I have created on the computer.  It’s an awesome thing the wonderful people who I have met from around the world.  There seems to be an avenue for each bent of mind,  you can be destructive or you can grow things and create environments, you can play shopping etc….  There’s enough to interest most anybody.  I’ve watched this normally pristine house go to heck in a handbasket, but,  you know what, as long as he is happy, and having fun.  It’s looks like the wars were fought, here on sight.  I know that I have heard the play by-play description of these battles.

     Is our society truly headed toward what the sci-fi books foretold, a people attached to  machines,  everywhere I look when I wait tables, folks are on their phones online, or on their laptops.  I remember telling my first husband many years ago, that it was coming a time when you couldn’t tell a fib, because it could be checked and we are truly there.  Most everywhere you go in public you must have the expectation of being on camera, our locations are tracked, via our cell phone transmissions.  Big brother is certainly alive and well.  Oh well that is just the way it is I’m not here to even try and protest.  You just know you better act right.  Or as right as I can ever be…lol…                                                  

  All, I know so far,  is that since the t.v. has been silenced, and each of the minds in this house  is so much more active and sharp.  The constant bombardment of commercialism is a click away from being gone, when it pops up.  There is a contentment here that I haven’t felt since the last time the t.v. went silent.  I really don’t want it back..  And, you know if I really want to watch television it is just a click away on this machine.

animals farming and the virtual world, and dang it Dr. Phil, there are those that live in both worlds..

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Everyday at three we would watch dr. phil, sometimes he was out of whack, hey aren’t we all..  But, lately it seems like that shiny pate has lost all compassion and reason.  Or I’m the idiot for taking an online quiz of his,  Amazingly enough the results showed that I was a vain arrogant self involved leader and no one liked me.  This amazed me as my livelihood depends on folks liking me and others,  responding to the directions  that I give them.  So, I blew that off  hey it was just a stupid quiz..  So now he is going off on Farmville ( I wish I could have the farm that I have built, in fantasy land.)   And it amazes me that with him being a shrink that he doesn’t see the wonderful view into the workings of your fellow farmers minds.  It’s a very accurate picture,  since I know most of my ” neighbors” it gives me a good guess that I’m right about the ones I don’t know.  The concept of the game as well as the creative aspects got me involved.  You can’t be successful without helping others, you don’t have to kill steal or blow up anything to play this game, heck you don’t even have to play regular to be of help to your neighbor, leave a few plots plowed, so your neighbor can come by and fertilize your fields and make their points.  I agree that you can’t ignore the rest of the world to live in virtualville, but come on it’s just a game