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Denial and truth hmm

Posted in cancer with tags on October 31, 2012 by suzisays09

You could hear the but coming up. It was coming whether I wanted it to or not. There was chaos on my end dogs barking TV blaring but the words found there way through a mass in the salivary gland. Instructions on what to do next. And a wish for a pleasant weekend.

  And I wished her a lovely weekend as well.  So until I know. The nature of it I will hope that it and the other are harmless and just need to be gone.  Poor Tracy the two of us both needing surgery at opposite ends no less.  I wonder about my rest since both sides are going to be worked on my left shoulder and the right side of my neck/face.  On top of that Charles having spinal surgery.  It might be the year we never forget.
Might be hell, it will be.

My biopsy is next week, and even though it doesn’t look good, I am still hoping for a benign result. Either way my face gets cut open. Shame as long as they are there they can erase a few wrinkles oh well, guess I should be happy with losing the lump… I am very happy with my ent doc for the first time in a long time I feel confident in her guidance. I’ve got a grandson, whom I want to see full grown. It is going to take me changing. And that isn’t something that I excel at. Oh well I better if I want to survive