updating that profile pic…. hmmm, nah I got other things to do!

    Yes it is true, I’m really not a bunch of yellow flowers, lovely though they are.   It’s just that every time I take a picture, this old woman keeps staring back at me, it isn’t the face I expect to see.  Now I realize this isn’t even close to logical, but, it is what it is.  And of course life is what it is..    Amen!  An article caught my eye , about what Hawking was saying (you know the genius)  about us really needing to leave the aliens alone out there.  E.T. that is.  Unless they have already taken over and we just don’t know it.   With what is going on out in Arizona, its hard to believe that a humane person is in charge.  On the way in to work I was thinking about how it only takes a split second of not paying attention for things to go horribly awry, and yes I am still talking about this today and I may keep talking about this until I can talk no more.  It astounds me how many people are only vaguely aware of what is going on and the ones that are aware only some get, how horrible, and far-reaching the effects of letting this evil grow.  We must all stand up and tell our lawmakers that we as Americans will not tolerate being singled out because of race, creed, religion, or sexual orientation.  We need to pay attention, and not let this continue, go to the face book page called ban Arizona  read up, join up sign the petition, get involved.  Let’s all kick this evil to the curb!

   I know that I don’t want to live in a country where  it is okay to harass someone because of their race, and it’s not like folks haven’t been going through racial profiling for a long time but, at least there was a repercussion available.  Now it is open season on brown folks in Arizona, which in one way I find ironic since so much of the western United States was originally Mexico and Spain.  There are families that have been there longer than this United States has been a country, yet they also are subject to be harassed because of these new laws.. Go figure


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