the reason why…

  I know when I started doing this it was because I was always fascinated with the weblogs that they had on star trek I thought it was so cool to be able to leave pieces of yourself for the descendants.  I mean a healthy trust fund is very handy as well.. but not always possible…  It would still be nice to go back and find out what your ancestors were thinking about.  And there seems nothing better suited than the blogoshere to leave your notes for the future. 

Here and there I have written posts htat have referances to my young adult era.  Yea I admit it life was pretty crazy and fun.   But, truly I never made more than vague referances to things that went on:  ie livestock in the backyard,,,

As referenced in my last post about the looking for Lawrie page.  Today I found the answer.  I was hoping for his family in England that he would be found alive.  That was not to be.  It was heart breaking to hear about the condition of his life in the end.  But, truly it was not that much different than the life he had chosen to live.  Somethings never change.  The thing that I have come to realize is even though the stories and the history is not all roses and champagne  in fact more like hotdogs and ramen. 

  And it is better for the truth to be told, and after all everyone loves to hear about the family crazy!!!  Likwe we say in the  south we are proud of our crazy folk we keep em in the livingroom  lol  like you could keep them out. I have had a child who has now had a child and if no one writes down the stories of the family then they will be lost forever.  And after most of my life being away from my natural kin, I strongly believe that everyone deserves to know something about the people that came before them.

 another day we will talk about all the stories so you may know.  Tonight I sit here  in my sister in laws house.  My niece fighting for her life in the next room.  .  Her will strong and stubborn her allies for sure.  Pray for her , pray for a miracle.  We are!


3 Responses to “the reason why…”

  1. Suzi, I agree with you about leaving a diary (of sorts, as a blog is) for the descendants. At this point, I can’t leave a trust fund, so writing about life fits the bill. Good reference. Saying a prayer for your niece and praying for the best outcome. Lord, we pray for her and ask for the miracle of healing, in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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