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America’s Most Wanted, answers might finally be found!!!

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  It was with utter joy that I read the post on fb that AMW had joined the cause of finding Lisa Stone.  It is with unending  determination that Lisa’s friends have pursued this case.  Her partner had no clue how dogged Lisa’s friends would be in their determination to find answers, and the quest continues.  It amuses me that her partner thinks by blocking those of us who continue to contact her and ask questions, that this will go away!  Now that John Walsh is involved, hahahaha,  she thought we were a pain in the arse, the games are just about to begin.  And , I got news for you “partner” until the truth comes out you will have me and the rest of the group to deal with.  I can see from the website and your tweets that you think this is all behind you.  There is no statute of limitations on the crime you are suspected of.  I barely knew Lisa but, I do know my friend that you stole from and that alone was enough to get you on my radar.  You have no idea how many people look forward to the time that we can sit in a courtroom and watch the person or persons involved in whatever happened to Lisa be brought to justice.  It is going to happen, we just don’t know when!  So enjoy while you can…


“WHY YOU SO IDIOT”??? it is a question without an answer.

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  It confounds me as I read through different articles on the Internet and different features of the information highway, the amount of ignorance that we are beset with.    Craigslist is a prime example, can you say flake…    I know, I know, it is Craigslist and some truly amazing things have come about because of it being out there.  But, put an ad on there, to sell something and you get nine kinds of freak and a weirdo or two thrown in for good measure.  And then the people offering money for you to come perform professional services for them and the rates they suggest are downright insulting, it is like a band of merry thieves is running that section of the list.  “Hey please come haul away the stuff I am to lazy to haul to the curb and pay me for the privilege of doing it….  ?????    or,   Hey, can I pay you 50 dollars for something that if I called a company to do would charge me 10,000 for.  Or the ones that I know will get some takers for are offering personal services in exchange for work done…  There is a word for that and it isn’t barter.      

And pets, re homing????  don’t you mean selling?????    but, hey it is just people and a lot of them out there and all kinds.

  A co-worker asked me the other day how people could be so stupid, we were discussing inadequate gratuity’s.  I replied that all she had to do was look at the comments below any news story, or public forum and she would find a wealth of inappropriate and ignorant statements, bigoted, hateful, self-serving, off subject, and a wealth of other types.  Sometimes you wonder if they had even read the article or given any thought to what they chose to share.  Or why the heck they are so darn mad… 

  Thankfully there are some intelligent discourses available and it makes wading through the muck bearable

the computer had swallowed them up whole, well they will come up for air when the service goes off…

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     Where have all your friends gone???  Hey, you know where they are, if you are on Facebook,  and get to read the posts of the latest achievements in virtual world.  Hey, I’m not knocking it as I’ve said before I wouldn’t mind living on the farm that I have created on the computer.  It’s an awesome thing the wonderful people who I have met from around the world.  There seems to be an avenue for each bent of mind,  you can be destructive or you can grow things and create environments, you can play shopping etc….  There’s enough to interest most anybody.  I’ve watched this normally pristine house go to heck in a handbasket, but,  you know what, as long as he is happy, and having fun.  It’s looks like the wars were fought, here on sight.  I know that I have heard the play by-play description of these battles.

     Is our society truly headed toward what the sci-fi books foretold, a people attached to  machines,  everywhere I look when I wait tables, folks are on their phones online, or on their laptops.  I remember telling my first husband many years ago, that it was coming a time when you couldn’t tell a fib, because it could be checked and we are truly there.  Most everywhere you go in public you must have the expectation of being on camera, our locations are tracked, via our cell phone transmissions.  Big brother is certainly alive and well.  Oh well that is just the way it is I’m not here to even try and protest.  You just know you better act right.  Or as right as I can ever be…lol…                                                  

  All, I know so far,  is that since the t.v. has been silenced, and each of the minds in this house  is so much more active and sharp.  The constant bombardment of commercialism is a click away from being gone, when it pops up.  There is a contentment here that I haven’t felt since the last time the t.v. went silent.  I really don’t want it back..  And, you know if I really want to watch television it is just a click away on this machine.

animals farming and the virtual world, and dang it Dr. Phil, there are those that live in both worlds..

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Everyday at three we would watch dr. phil, sometimes he was out of whack, hey aren’t we all..  But, lately it seems like that shiny pate has lost all compassion and reason.  Or I’m the idiot for taking an online quiz of his,  Amazingly enough the results showed that I was a vain arrogant self involved leader and no one liked me.  This amazed me as my livelihood depends on folks liking me and others,  responding to the directions  that I give them.  So, I blew that off  hey it was just a stupid quiz..  So now he is going off on Farmville ( I wish I could have the farm that I have built, in fantasy land.)   And it amazes me that with him being a shrink that he doesn’t see the wonderful view into the workings of your fellow farmers minds.  It’s a very accurate picture,  since I know most of my ” neighbors” it gives me a good guess that I’m right about the ones I don’t know.  The concept of the game as well as the creative aspects got me involved.  You can’t be successful without helping others, you don’t have to kill steal or blow up anything to play this game, heck you don’t even have to play regular to be of help to your neighbor, leave a few plots plowed, so your neighbor can come by and fertilize your fields and make their points.  I agree that you can’t ignore the rest of the world to live in virtualville, but come on it’s just a game

Social networking not such a bad thing

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  My son laughed at me when I started my Facebook page, hey we all know 15 year olds find us adults excruciatingly backwards, it’s just the way it is.  I was thrilled with my first friend request, and have happily accepted others offers of friendship. It  makes it just all so much more interesting.  My collection of folks ranges from young to old, folks I know and those I’ve never met.  When their names come up on the feed I check out what they are on about that day, or look around their profile and enjoy the content that they have put up to share,  or even check out the new folks they have befriended or become a fan of.  It’s fascinating the places you get to visit, the pics you get to see.  I know I’m sold.                       

  To try to explain my family I don’t even know where to start, a family disbanded by circumstance brought back together over time, some fabrics never meant to be unmended.  But, still in spite the passage of years since the reunification,  there are still many players who have never met.  At least I haven’t met them, I’ve never been miss suzi got lots of rocks..  t.b. 4sure.  As I was scrolling through my niece’s profile I noticed another aunt in the mix, I had to send her a message, as her sister was a blessing in my life from the day she rolled up, in ways that others never knew.  It breaks my heart that my niece is without her mom or her dad.  In my late twenties I met my younger brother for the first time he was something else for sure, lets leave it at that for now.  With him was this lovely smiling woman driving her wheelchair like a Porsche and as I was soon to discover drove her van like a race car.  Of course I would be finding this out across the border in Mexico…  Good times…  I never saw as  much of her as I would have liked my nomadic lifestyle and general brokeness got in the way.  But, knowing her always made a differance in my life, she had a knack of showing up when you needed her most.  Whether in person or by inspiration, no matter what came my way,  she had already showed me the way with her zest for life her kindness and most especially her strength.  I’m thankful everyday,  my life wouldn’t have been the same without her. 

  And it has been one thing to see what most people put in their pages, but, to get to look into the people who you care about

and see the wonderful pics things that with only this medium can be visited and revisited again and again.  It was glorious to look at one of my nieces wedding photos, I wasn’t able to attend because of a death in my immediate family and it hurt my heart to not be there to share that special day with her.  I got to put a face on the young man who joined our family and to see the joy that accompanied their nuptials.  And of course the pictures of the baby, not so much a baby anymore.  For all the evil that is perpetuated on the internet the good that is available far outweighs it