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Running with Patience

Posted in home life, the universes bounty, life's lesson's, neighborhood life, stroke recovery with tags on December 30, 2009 by suzisays09

  Many years ago at a thrift store I picked up a small picture that was so simple.  It has lived in my kitchen all the time I’ve had it.  It;s kind of silly looking, it’s  a dude in running shorts and a t-shirt and next to it says let us run with patience the race set before us..        Hebrews 12.1    It spoke to me then and it still holds true every day that passes.            


I hear people all the time wishing that the day was over, the week was over, the year was over.  It saddens me each moment being gone, always, once past.  How would you want to wish away the time we are allotted.  As I sit here and type in my thoughts into this file,  I listen to my husband and his friend go on.  It would change this blog’s rating to include any of their content but, and I think the deserve the expectation of privacy, and, I’m not sure I’m cut out for the porn sites.. Life is good   


  I remember when I was pretty young my momma told me that time passed in a heartbeat that was unfathomable to me then.  Of course it didn’t take to many years to pass for time to start spinning faster and faster.  We all know, it’s a communal endeavour  and with the speed that our days pass, patience is the last thing we think about.  It’s something I hope I remember more as my days wane


He couldn’t seem to figure out why I was writing his truck number down..

Posted in handicapped parking,, stroke recovery with tags , on December 17, 2009 by suzisays09

  As I pulled into the parking lot of one of our local discount chain stores today, a delivery truck (one of the big guys)  pulled  in and parked across both the handicapped spaces, went in and made his delivery.  He then came out and much to his surprise and confusion I was writing his number down.  You know and I can somewhat understand his point of view he’s just going in for  a moment  (and gosh why should those crippled folks get the best parking?? )  He’s not alone out there, folks blatantly ignore the signs and park without a placard or a plate.  I never really paid attention to it before.  How can we as a society be so callous and  (even though the truth of the matter is the strong will always take advantage of the weak) so ill- mannered.  Probably if the police patrolled parking lots and handed out those two hundred-dollar tickets things would change, since that is the only way that things change,  hit people in their pocketbook.  In the last several months I’ve noticed it time after time, a couple of times every week at least.  


    The requirements to get the permit are stringent and you have to get a doctor to sign off on it.  Now, I’m not so naïve that I don’t realize that there are those out there that probably shouldn’t have  them.  I remember the desperate housewives episode where Gabby was using her husband Carlos’s  permit dragging him all over,  so she could get the best parking spaces.  At least she was obeying the law and had him with her.  That placard means that the doctor says you can’t walk to far or you can’t walk at all.  Now, imagine trying to get through your day being in that condition, those of you who are you know what I mean,  The thing about life is as we all know is that no matter what your circumstances there are errands and chores that must  accomplished, life gets lived.  I wish folks would just think twice and not take those spaces.  Someday, it could be you…

Didn’t I tell you I was going to make a right turn?

Posted in stroke recovery with tags , on December 3, 2009 by suzisays09

All the signs were there,  after all the left turns that led nowhere, I was bound to try  a right instead.  To thine own self be true has been a mantra that had led many down a greater path depending on which part of themselves,  they are being true to.    The itch has grown over the past several months.  Now, I’m  out there laying the foundation for the road trip that leads to the next best part of my life.  After, watching my husband fight his way back from the stroke that befell him this last summer.  I am so proud of him, it let me know  that I had chosen correctly this time.  I have fought my way back from many disabling illness’ and accidents, as has he.  Neither of us has much patience with crybabies, sometimes this isn’t good news for others…  It will become obvious, that unless you are putting jack in my pocket.  I’m not real interested in your problem.  I like everyone else out here in the real world have mouths to feed and creditors to satisfy.  So, let’s get real the family comes first, so the new road begins  today.  When the plan comes to fruition, it will be time to share.  Suzi