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It is past time to pray, but then again it won’t be to late until it is.

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A beautiful day this is, but,that is how I describe all days.  With the dog licking the keyboard, and my heart full of joy in spite of the realities of our world.  Passover begins at sunset this evening, and in this we are blessed as the time of the shofar blowing from the heavens comes closer.  The Messiah coming to take his bride.  The L-rd will deliver us from this.  Be not afraid, for whatever happens in the end good will win out over evil.

In the wee hours of this morning I reread this blog and the other, the one about hospitality.  the things I wrote about that were issues that needed to be talked about.  Today they are mild compared to the issues we face as a world just a few years later.  There is nothing that I as an individual can do to change the course of the worlds destiny, or opinion of others.  What I can do is love the people that have been given to me to love. Let go of those who do not value my heart. And pet the doggie that stays at my side.

Unless you were adopted you never know the hunger to look into the eyes of those that share your lineage. Growing up looking at everyone for just a glimpse of familiarity. A solitude of the soul that no amount of assurances can fill until you have your blood about you again. In spite of the losses of my dearly departed brothers and my Mother, we had time and laughter and love again on this worldly plain.   It is among the greatest gifts that was given in this life. The past the present and the future all a part of my life.


So truly all I can say is that I love each of you from the very depths of my heart  My son, my grandson, my brothers, my sisters in law, my nieces and nephews, my aunt and uncles and cousins. The parents and grandparents who raised me and the ones who could not.  And of course my friends. The ones who have passed and the ones who have yet to come.  It is a love without end…  Amen


Better to let sleeping dogs sleep

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  Sleeping dogs  old memories, best to let them rest.  Finding out that your memories, are more golden in the past.  Oh well I am glad it happened I won’t waste any of the time i have left, on folks that don’t remember me or it is obvious that i am not important to them..  It is very telling when you know when a message was seen. Oh well, my heart is pretty much used to reality. It is qone thing when someone you knew doesn’t recall you, that is an oh well. When your kin don’t respond to a message that important. Won’t be initiating any more contact. I don’t see the purpose of pursuing those that don’t hold me close in their heart. I have a few people who truly care for and love me. I realize that the number can be counted on a hand maybe a toe or two. Maybe I will get well, perhaps I won’t. But one thing I do know is that it is up to me, whether I have a year or many more. Time won’t be wasted on things and people that don’t matter