It’s now we need to focus on

My position has always been to decide with my heart and lead with my brain. Our country the one I was taught about as a child is a wondrous place. We were the land of the free and the home of the brave. People from all over the world wanted to be here. Though everything I was taught was true at one time, an insidious force had usurped our freedoms. It was certainly not apparent until lately. And even now some of our citizens don’t see it.
Instead we blame the administrations that cycle through our government. Not realizing that their incompetence is the direct result of the elites pulling the strings. To many historic and current public servants in many countries were given a free pass. Horrendous crimes we were told were meted out justice only to find out later that a sort of witness protection plan was inacted. Like the Bible tells us all things will come to light. That book is playing out before our eyes. And we need not be afraid. For to return to the light we must first endure the night.
There is a great awakening in our world, and our country. Our tolerance for evil is at its limit. The powers that be are quaking in their boots. As they know deep down that their time is running out. Though they scream and shout and punish us daily with the vestiges of the power they still hold.
The problem with ignorance and arrogance is that wise counsel is not heeded. The people of this country want the country they were taught was theirs. It is embarrassing to be the laughing stock of others. We want to feed our families, we want jobs that not only support our families but give each of us a chance to flourish.
We have a candidate who is not a politician. Instead he is a business man, who came up learning the same things that we were all taught. At least us older folks. He is paying his own way, this is unheard of!! But how very refreshing. Everything he is talking about is in line with what the bible says is the governments responsibility! It makes me wonder how many have truly read that book from start to finish. Whether you believe in G-d or not. It is the ultimate guide for all situations. In Revelations the Trump is spoken of. And being of Hebrew heritage I take this seriously. The sound of the shofar is a trumping sound. This is our opportunity to make things right again. To be a strong, rich country, with proper borders and fair trade. Education back to excellence where it should be. I watched my Mother a school teacher become more and more frustrated with not being able to teach content. Instead her time was taken up teaching to a test. She yearned for the days when she would see the light come on in a student, who had learned to think. It was the reason that she had loved her job. Now days it has to be disheartening to teach. The 60’s did us no favors, the proof of that is in the anti american values being taught in our schools. Our students are taught shame rather than pride in what was once the greatest country in the world. It is obvious to me why Donald Trump is resonating with our citizens. We are tired of being lied to, we are tired of our natural rights being usurped by unethical politicians, who are but the puppets of the corporate elites. Its time for it to stop!! Term limits was put before congress before, they buried that bill real quick. As they had to follow their masters orders. And in spite of the illusion that the citizens were their bosses. We now know for sure that this is not who they cater to. It is so very important that we take our country back! VOTE!!!!! sign up for term limits for congress! Insist that wrongdoers, no matter their station be held accountable and prosecuted and incarcerated if not executed! That is the way it is supposed to work! In my opinion only one candidate is capable of leading us out of this quagmire that the last hundred years of dirty dealings has led us to. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
Get registered if you aren’t and get out there and vote!
Our children and their children are counting on us. Unfortunately it is not common knowledge that our country was sold out back in 1933, Roosevelt who has been lauded in the annals of history, was a dirty rotten traitor! Look to public law 89-719. We were bamboozled. And sold to the United Nations! The powers that be kept a public front that things were just the same. A long term plan was enacted. Like a frog being boiled in a pan we didn’t know until we were almost boiled to death. Anyone who has studied world history will find that time and again the citizens are a patient lot. We go about our work raise our families and try to be a good member of our community. It is when the overlords go to far and the will and well being of the common man is grossly violated. Taxed without representation and properties seized. That the elites better start running! Well guess what America is awake!


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