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Cookies?? Really??

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on December 14, 2015 by suzisays09

  Every day when I wake up, I check the news and read the feed to find out what is going on. Praying that another horrible tragedy hasn’t befallen whether manufactured or real, our people as a whole.  Enjoying the pics of friends and family that have posted.  This morning as I perused my fb feed I came across the polar bear cookie debacle.
  While I am not a Starbucks fan or customer, as I find most of their political stances abhorrent. I vote against them with my pocket. 
  It is a freaking cookie folks!!  Apparently some with nothing better to be offended about see the red scarf around a polar bear cookie to represent a slashed throat! If it had been another color folks would have been complaining that it wasn’t the right color. Smh!! 
  News flash folks there are real things to be offended by in our world.
Starving children, pedophiles, homeless families, corrupt governments out of control, beheadings, historical landmarks destroyed. I could go on for pages. 
  Unfortunately for us there is a segment of society who gets hurt by words, they need a safe space….  Listen up buttercup, if words and coffee cups and cookies are hurting you. Please kill yourself now!!! And quit taking up the oxygen of those who just get on with their lives. You are just to delicate of a flower to survive in the real world. 
You’ve got to be strong and resilient to survive in our society and even that is not sure thing. You have got to have love and intolerance! Yes I said intolerance, the kind that says no you will not take what I have worked for. That no you cannot tell me what I must believe. That no I will not tolerate harm to myself and loved ones.
Instead we have kids sent home over a star wars shirt that depicts an imaginary gun. A child suspended over a pop tart chewed into the shape of a gun. And countless other imbecilic instances. Meanwhile a child brings a briefcase with a countdown clock to school, and he is rewarded internationally. WHAT THE F???
All I’ve got to say is you better toughen up folks or you and yours will not survive the storm. And make no mistake the storm is here. There is a reason that it has always been said that the strongest will survive. So please come out of your safe spaces, grow a pair, teach your children to stand up for themselves, and get on with the business of living. Because life is what it is, and anyone who ever said it was supposed to be all fairy dust and pretty words was lying!