Looking for Lisa Stone, if you know anything let us know!

  I’ve listened to my friend for the past year, tell me of her concerns for her neighbor, a lovely lady that I have only met a few times.  There are not many among us who have not made bad decisions when it comes to our hearts, and most of us are lucky to get out alive in those situations, don’t know whether she did or not right now.  This is a lesson for all of us, if we are scared tell others, get out of the bad relationship that you are uneasy with.  Life is to precious and way to short to waste on those that are not worthy of our love and concern.  They had been together for fifteen years that is a lot of years and a lot of shared history and yes it is hard to let go of that.  The older you get the harder it is to let go and start anew.  The things I have heard convince me that her partner is involved, but, until it is proven in a court of law I cannot say for sure that she is the culprit, she has not helped or participated in the search for Lisa, she didn’t even report her missing to the authorities.  What does that tell you????   I can identify with Lisa, the things her friends have said about her tell me that she was a good person, who just wanted to be loved, just like all of us do whether we admit it or not.  I went looking in the woods the other day with some friends of mine, we didn’t find anything but, someday someone will.  We ran into a person that one of my friends knew and the things he said enraged me, guess what dude not only are you not funny, you are a waste of human flesh, you better hope you never go missing I doubt anyone would bother looking for you.  Like the song says a missing person that no one missed at all.  This is not the case with our Lisa, in spite of what her partner thought of her worth,  world is looking now and just when you think we have stopped looking, you will be wrong.  Do the world a favor and turn yourself  in.  You are not an unknown anymore, if you are innocent and I doubt it, participate tell the authorities the truth about what you know.


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