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It is past time to pray, but then again it won’t be to late until it is.

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A beautiful day this is, but,that is how I describe all days.  With the dog licking the keyboard, and my heart full of joy in spite of the realities of our world.  Passover begins at sunset this evening, and in this we are blessed as the time of the shofar blowing from the heavens comes closer.  The Messiah coming to take his bride.  The L-rd will deliver us from this.  Be not afraid, for whatever happens in the end good will win out over evil.

In the wee hours of this morning I reread this blog and the other, the one about hospitality.  the things I wrote about that were issues that needed to be talked about.  Today they are mild compared to the issues we face as a world just a few years later.  There is nothing that I as an individual can do to change the course of the worlds destiny, or opinion of others.  What I can do is love the people that have been given to me to love. Let go of those who do not value my heart. And pet the doggie that stays at my side.

Unless you were adopted you never know the hunger to look into the eyes of those that share your lineage. Growing up looking at everyone for just a glimpse of familiarity. A solitude of the soul that no amount of assurances can fill until you have your blood about you again. In spite of the losses of my dearly departed brothers and my Mother, we had time and laughter and love again on this worldly plain.   It is among the greatest gifts that was given in this life. The past the present and the future all a part of my life.


So truly all I can say is that I love each of you from the very depths of my heart  My son, my grandson, my brothers, my sisters in law, my nieces and nephews, my aunt and uncles and cousins. The parents and grandparents who raised me and the ones who could not.  And of course my friends. The ones who have passed and the ones who have yet to come.  It is a love without end…  Amen


Happy 79th Mama!

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  doing your best to make me think I’m old are you?

   And you and your grandson survived the visit, in fact seems to have come through with flying colors.  Well done , Son!  Everyone was still in a great mood at the end of the visit!  He was ready to come home though.  It’s not us, he is 16, his gf lives in this town, after all.  We are just the parents.   Anyway,  his  visit went without incident so I can now breathe a little easier.     Why I worry I don’t know, it’s just habitual and at times unnecessary.   And oh yeah, I’m his Mother… 

  But, it is good to have everyone back underneath the same roof again. We can get back to our routine around here, petting dogs, letting dogs out, letting dogs in , petting and feeding dogs and watching the dachshund try to climb the trees in the back yard.   She has made it up a few feet.  but, gravity always wins!   Whinnie showed up at our door several months ago, held in the arms of our neighbors.  They were hoping we would take her in.  The Mister told them we would keep it conditionally,  until I got home from work and he would ask me.  As if I wasn’t going to fall head over heals in love with  that sweet mug!  

  Now there is another personality in the house and that would be the Pomeranian.  She has always been very particular, of  whom she will tolerate of the four-legged kind.  So a NEWCOMER WAS NOT OKAY!!!!!   That tail tucked and that nose held high, she wasn’t having this ! Not in her Queendom!

  It sounds diametrically opposed but, the new dog was the most laid back dog, who still has a streak of lightning in her.  Now we all know that those two figured out a way to co-exist pretty quick,( if only people could figure things out that away, sigh…)   Over the last several months we have watched the newcomer fill out and our old girl, up and running, and playing in the yard.  Her personality just a little less needy, they are both rotten to the core.  ( its my husbands fault , lol )   And of course our Whinnie and Dixie happy and content!

  It’s just nice for us all to be back together again!

10 years later, let’s try this again…

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   Early tomorrow morning we will be dropping off our 16-year-old at the airport, to go see his grandmother in El Paso, it has been a decade since his last solo visit there.    The changes that time has wrought.    The last time, he flew with his great-aunt Betty, who had been in our town visiting.   That trip  was the last time I was going to look into those loving eyes and see her wonderful smile.   I’ll miss you forever, lady!

  She was definitely one of the people who is responsible for me turning out sane, so to speak.  She was the step sister of my adopted dad,  and somehow always seemed to live in reasonable proximity when I was growing up.  Or maybe we always moved close to her???  idk!  I could certainly get to her house on foot, and I ended up there often.  So I knew,  that my young son was safe in the company of my favorite aunt.  I remember that major issue of that trip was if the cat (my aunt’s) would get sick on the plane, nah, it was my boy instead….

  So, this time he is getting on the plane by himself, this isn’t  like a huge thing he goes into and out of places and things all the time heck he is a teenager for gosh sakes Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

   The gf is of course here, which is okay with me she is a nice young lady, flashbacks of me at an earlier age hanging out at certain people’s houses….   ah memories…   I’m wondering how much angst will go with this separation, maybe with modern communication and ability to be linked 24/7  it will  all go smoothly…  Maybe, tune in for more…

  He has done his laundry, put clothes in the suitcase, and shopped for small necessities, thank the TA ….     anyway!  the time draws closer, I wonder if my Mother has gone to the Costco or Sam’s to prepare for having a teenager in-house and hungry for a whole week.  And the other thing that perhaps might be a bit challenging, besides that teenage hunger, this Mama didn’t raise a rabbit, things might get real interesting!!!                      

 Oh well GOOD LUCK MOM!!!!

virtual redecorating much easier in the virtual world than real life renovation…

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      Been moving the chickens, and the trees and the fences and the hanging plant trellises.  I haven’t gotten up from my chair to do any of that,, Now yes I ‘ve gotten up other things have needed doing.  but, the renovations on the virtual farm have been painless, unless I’m developing carpel tunnel from too much clicking  Since I began  it’s been an interesting journey, it started from pretty much a solitary endeavor and then turned into a social one and then evolved into an activity that I share with the people who I work with..  When I started , my farm was several haphazard plots, and more often than not I would come back to dead crops, if it wasn’t for the coins from the trees and barnyard animals, that spread would have been abandoned a long time ago.     When I got serious, and why I got serious I have no idea but, I did and then the plow and plant  until the coin ran out , then come back and do it again.  My family wasn’t to happy with me to say the least…      

   The farm was calling my name and there were crops that needed harvesting, boy if the real world had growth cycles that quick, no one would starve . but I digress,  I’ve been asked what it is I enjoy about the game and that is easy, all the neat, nice and varied folks you meet from everywhere,  a truly free exchange of speech, that in itself is amazing.   The neat orderly world you can create and keep it that way!!!  And, as long as I keep planting and plowing and harvesting the trees and animals, I can go to the market and get most anything they have to offer.  Another thing I like is I can keep  on adopting animals and they pay me!!!   I know my heritage  shining through…  Sometimes, I look at all the critters I got on that farm think I’ve lost my mind.    Someday I will actually count them up, oh wait there’s golden chicken, brb…

Social networking not such a bad thing

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  My son laughed at me when I started my Facebook page, hey we all know 15 year olds find us adults excruciatingly backwards, it’s just the way it is.  I was thrilled with my first friend request, and have happily accepted others offers of friendship. It  makes it just all so much more interesting.  My collection of folks ranges from young to old, folks I know and those I’ve never met.  When their names come up on the feed I check out what they are on about that day, or look around their profile and enjoy the content that they have put up to share,  or even check out the new folks they have befriended or become a fan of.  It’s fascinating the places you get to visit, the pics you get to see.  I know I’m sold.                       

  To try to explain my family I don’t even know where to start, a family disbanded by circumstance brought back together over time, some fabrics never meant to be unmended.  But, still in spite the passage of years since the reunification,  there are still many players who have never met.  At least I haven’t met them, I’ve never been miss suzi got lots of rocks..  t.b. 4sure.  As I was scrolling through my niece’s profile I noticed another aunt in the mix, I had to send her a message, as her sister was a blessing in my life from the day she rolled up, in ways that others never knew.  It breaks my heart that my niece is without her mom or her dad.  In my late twenties I met my younger brother for the first time he was something else for sure, lets leave it at that for now.  With him was this lovely smiling woman driving her wheelchair like a Porsche and as I was soon to discover drove her van like a race car.  Of course I would be finding this out across the border in Mexico…  Good times…  I never saw as  much of her as I would have liked my nomadic lifestyle and general brokeness got in the way.  But, knowing her always made a differance in my life, she had a knack of showing up when you needed her most.  Whether in person or by inspiration, no matter what came my way,  she had already showed me the way with her zest for life her kindness and most especially her strength.  I’m thankful everyday,  my life wouldn’t have been the same without her. 

  And it has been one thing to see what most people put in their pages, but, to get to look into the people who you care about

and see the wonderful pics things that with only this medium can be visited and revisited again and again.  It was glorious to look at one of my nieces wedding photos, I wasn’t able to attend because of a death in my immediate family and it hurt my heart to not be there to share that special day with her.  I got to put a face on the young man who joined our family and to see the joy that accompanied their nuptials.  And of course the pictures of the baby, not so much a baby anymore.  For all the evil that is perpetuated on the internet the good that is available far outweighs it