Prayers being answered

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The nation of people who have watched, you know the deplorables,  and now the basement dwellers, have seen enough. It’s insane that she is still running. Anyone else would have already been behind bars. 

 I truly believe though that a good many prayers have been lifted for the truth to come to light. It’s been a common refrain for the last century in this country that the government was crooked. Yet the same folks kept ending up in office. With the voter fraud that has already been uncovered, question is how long have there been boxes prepared full of votes.We already knew about the dead people!  It’s no wonder we want to make America great again!  

 The debates alone both a bias circus,  and in both T &P were the winners.  I’m well aware that the scientific polls said otherwise. I’ve never been of the opinion that a cheater should be considered the winner.  And Kaine’s performance, it was like watching an alternate view of reality.  The highly edited,  soft soap version of world affairs,and HRC’s role in them ,  the accusations that have been made and proved false.  And then added in was the continuation of the false accusations and assertions. A common element in both debates so far.  The insults and interruptions and outright lies by both HRC and Kaine  respectively condescending then for round two a blowhard jackass.

 And back to the truth breaking out all over.  A sea of red is what I’m expecting election day.  As the alternative virtually guarantees that blood will flow in our streets.  Even more so then now.  And granted there are those who have promised violence when Donald Trump takes office.  We have room in the prisons, lots of space opened up. SMH!!! 

 And for you undecided,  do you want real leadership,  or do you want to continue on our path to destruction. It’s time to put our welfare first as a country. Trump isn’t the bad guy he’s made out to be,  yes he is direct,  and tells things how he sees them, in the real world of business that’s how successful people  operate. It gets things accomplished. He has a long history of bringing his endeavors to completion.  He hasn’t spent his whole life censoring himself to keep political power.  His power came from hard work and dedication,  growing and continuing his families wealth.  He’s already got a legacy that no one can destroy. Think about that Mr Obama!  But,  I digress it’s a two person race. A better future with Trump, or a  continuation of the downward spiral that our nation faces with a mentally,  spiritually and medically ill ,and truth challenged woman. She caught the Middle East on fire, it would be the fate that will befall us.

 Our eyes have been opened as a country,  though decades have passed with our citizens  bemoaning our crooked government.  The truth we’ve prayed for in the truth coming to light and going viral. The light has even come on in some surprising people. There is hope folks.  May G-ds protective cloak envelope the Trump and Pence families.  We need these people. 

We are truly blessed that the inequities and crimes against us are being broadcast. It gives us a chance to escape the clutches of the criminals at the top. 


How does he do it?  

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Mr Trump, you amaze me with your resolve.  Day after day you and your family are attacked by msm. Yet you continue to stand tall. You are a leader we can all count on to do what you say. 

   I’ve watched our people go from being hopeless and feeling helpless, to standing up and saying no more. Instead of backing down when we are called racists and bigots for loving our homeland, we now laugh in their faces,  call them out on their ignorance. And that is because we have a leader.  You can see and hear the change,  we have hope again and our resolve has been reignited. And the taller we stand the farther in the muck our opponents dig.  Twisting and tangling words to create outrage to downright false accusations.  There doesn’t seem to be a dirty thing they won’t stoop to.  I even read earlier how our side was the one calling names. And yes it has come to that, after so many years of being shut down and being villified we are fighting back.  But we don’t even come close to the evil foul things that the other side calls us.  Another case of dishing but not taking. I think we are all tired of having to agree with immoral beliefs just to get along. 

  Those of us who for years believed that there was major corruption in the government were accused of wearing tin foil hats.  Now days they don’t even try and hide their corruption. Looks like our theories proved to be correct. Isn’t my hat shiny??? 

  The day old Hilly got a pass was a turning point for so many. Talk about blatant!

Never mind all the examples we had in prior years,  O. J.,  Lerner, Marc Rich, Al Sharpton,  even Soros, and the list goes on.  All of these people elites.  Who obviously live under a different set of laws than the rest of us. To borrow a line from the White House.  This is not who we are. Our country is one that all are equal under the law.  That is what this country was founded on.  And this must be restored for our way of life to return to American values. 

 I was so pleased today to get my updated voters registration, since I recently moved to another state.  I was fretting that it wouldn’t get here in time. Even have my red outfit ready for election day.  But that is all beside the point!! 

  As we all watch and support our candidate, we need to follow his example of fearlessness. Our opponents are desperate and will stoop to any depth to defeat us. We can’t allow this to happen, for if we do, we wont ever recover.  

And what are we leaving our future if we allow this lawlessness to go on??   We have a chief executive officer who doesn’t even qualify under our laws to be in the position. Yet we have a congress that doesn’t arrest the usurper. Tells me all I need to know about those inhabitants of those hallowed halls. They are criminals, there is no nice way to put it.  Not that I care whether I am being PC or not.  PC is bullshit!  A form of tyranny and subjugation that is unacceptable in a free society. 

I’m not going to tell anyone who to vote for,  since either you are a patriot or you aren’t. And if you aren’t get far away from me and mine. I have no patience for fools anymore. 

   There are still so many that feel hopeless that the former SOS and current candidate for the presidents office will ever face and or answer for her crimes which are seemingly endless. We have business’and celebrities supporting this evil wretch.  I guess they have enough in the bank to not worry that they have alienated so many of their customers and audience.  It will be interesting to watch and see what these companies and actors and musicians, are going to do when the Trumps move into the White House Though the only way I will know is through social networks as those products and those actors and musicians are banned from my home.  

  Crazy thing once I know you are traitors, your relevance and presence are unwelcome in my life.  This truly isn’t like any other election.  To support the other side is to stand with a criminal, lifting up immoral beliefs and willingly give your freedom away.  Let’s not do that. okay! 

Ferguson, Baltimore, and Oregon what’s the difference? A lot!!

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  So I hear many saying that this is all the same! Not even close! Reality is the Hammond’s have been systematically harassed, prosecuted, and their rights violated by the BLM.    They are hard working tax paying land owners, who only want to be allowed to run their business! As is their right to do. Who also stopped a forest fire which would have caused immense monetary damages to everyone living there. On the other hand we have welfare grubbing violent criminals who destroy property, burn down businesses, and block commerce. Who don’t contribute to the community and want safe spaces to protect them from words. One group who worked hard for themselves and the other mad because nothing is free.
  Of course I wish it didn’t have to come to this! But anyone reading the history of what the Hammond’s have faced can come to no other conclusion that they are the victims of a power mad, vindictive government bureau!  This is unlawful persecution! It is tyranny and if you don’t see it read it again. Look at the map! Their land is in a prime location and BLM wanted it!
Funny how the Soros funded atrocities are OK but, a legal militia taking a stand is not? It is our inherent right as citizens to oppose unethical and illegal government actions.
It is all leading to BAD things, the powerful will not give up easily. Yet at this point a majority of citizens are fed up and ready to stand their ground. We live in interesting times. The cloak of evil has been lifted and the gross putrid carcass is on display for all to see. The fraudulent government will be laid bare for all to see. Our original Constitution needs to be restored. Our true freedom will rise again. Don’t know how long or when or even if I will be still alive when it comes. But for our children and their children the beast must be slaughtered.

It’s now we need to focus on

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My position has always been to decide with my heart and lead with my brain. Our country the one I was taught about as a child is a wondrous place. We were the land of the free and the home of the brave. People from all over the world wanted to be here. Though everything I was taught was true at one time, an insidious force had usurped our freedoms. It was certainly not apparent until lately. And even now some of our citizens don’t see it.
Instead we blame the administrations that cycle through our government. Not realizing that their incompetence is the direct result of the elites pulling the strings. To many historic and current public servants in many countries were given a free pass. Horrendous crimes we were told were meted out justice only to find out later that a sort of witness protection plan was inacted. Like the Bible tells us all things will come to light. That book is playing out before our eyes. And we need not be afraid. For to return to the light we must first endure the night.
There is a great awakening in our world, and our country. Our tolerance for evil is at its limit. The powers that be are quaking in their boots. As they know deep down that their time is running out. Though they scream and shout and punish us daily with the vestiges of the power they still hold.
The problem with ignorance and arrogance is that wise counsel is not heeded. The people of this country want the country they were taught was theirs. It is embarrassing to be the laughing stock of others. We want to feed our families, we want jobs that not only support our families but give each of us a chance to flourish.
We have a candidate who is not a politician. Instead he is a business man, who came up learning the same things that we were all taught. At least us older folks. He is paying his own way, this is unheard of!! But how very refreshing. Everything he is talking about is in line with what the bible says is the governments responsibility! It makes me wonder how many have truly read that book from start to finish. Whether you believe in G-d or not. It is the ultimate guide for all situations. In Revelations the Trump is spoken of. And being of Hebrew heritage I take this seriously. The sound of the shofar is a trumping sound. This is our opportunity to make things right again. To be a strong, rich country, with proper borders and fair trade. Education back to excellence where it should be. I watched my Mother a school teacher become more and more frustrated with not being able to teach content. Instead her time was taken up teaching to a test. She yearned for the days when she would see the light come on in a student, who had learned to think. It was the reason that she had loved her job. Now days it has to be disheartening to teach. The 60’s did us no favors, the proof of that is in the anti american values being taught in our schools. Our students are taught shame rather than pride in what was once the greatest country in the world. It is obvious to me why Donald Trump is resonating with our citizens. We are tired of being lied to, we are tired of our natural rights being usurped by unethical politicians, who are but the puppets of the corporate elites. Its time for it to stop!! Term limits was put before congress before, they buried that bill real quick. As they had to follow their masters orders. And in spite of the illusion that the citizens were their bosses. We now know for sure that this is not who they cater to. It is so very important that we take our country back! VOTE!!!!! sign up for term limits for congress! Insist that wrongdoers, no matter their station be held accountable and prosecuted and incarcerated if not executed! That is the way it is supposed to work! In my opinion only one candidate is capable of leading us out of this quagmire that the last hundred years of dirty dealings has led us to. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
Get registered if you aren’t and get out there and vote!
Our children and their children are counting on us. Unfortunately it is not common knowledge that our country was sold out back in 1933, Roosevelt who has been lauded in the annals of history, was a dirty rotten traitor! Look to public law 89-719. We were bamboozled. And sold to the United Nations! The powers that be kept a public front that things were just the same. A long term plan was enacted. Like a frog being boiled in a pan we didn’t know until we were almost boiled to death. Anyone who has studied world history will find that time and again the citizens are a patient lot. We go about our work raise our families and try to be a good member of our community. It is when the overlords go to far and the will and well being of the common man is grossly violated. Taxed without representation and properties seized. That the elites better start running! Well guess what America is awake!

Left wing, right wing, same bird!

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  Since the beginning of time, corruption and power have gone hand in hand. I read the comments and see the finger pointing, your guy did this, well your guy did that. The point being missed is that we can’t change the past. Our country was sold out a long time ago!  We can change the future. It will take realizing that continuing the same actions, will only get us more of the same. It isn’t that we need to form a new government, we need to regain our original constitution.  Anyone literate has to be appalled at the sheer ignorance that is spewed by our representatives! It is quite apt that congress means a group of baboons. The American people were sold out a long time ago. It has been a slow process and an insidious one.  Watch some of the shows from the seventies, talk about propaganda wrapped up in entertainment. And of course they propaganda continued. Television told us we needed more government control, that broken homes were okay, being rude to your elders was okay. That open display of immoral lifestyles needed to not only be tolerated and admired but something was wrong with you if you didn’t except these things as normal. Of course I could go on and on. But you get the point.  We have learned that only if you are among the elite are your crimes ignored. We have a woman who STOLE federal property, amongst her other crimes running for POTUS!!  By law this is prohibited!!  I guess the laws are just for the little people.  Politicians spend millions to get a $150,000.
a year job. That should be a big clue that they don’t work for us!!  Raise their own salaries while veterans and seniors and children go without. If you look at world history, every government body that has been overthrown has been because the little people were fed up with being taxed without representation. It would behoove the powers that be to study up on history. But, I don’t see that happening since they won’t even read the bills that they pass. Be brave, be strong, be savvy. The rode to redemption is going to be rough. But we owe it to our future generations to fix this.

Cookies?? Really??

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  Every day when I wake up, I check the news and read the feed to find out what is going on. Praying that another horrible tragedy hasn’t befallen whether manufactured or real, our people as a whole.  Enjoying the pics of friends and family that have posted.  This morning as I perused my fb feed I came across the polar bear cookie debacle.
  While I am not a Starbucks fan or customer, as I find most of their political stances abhorrent. I vote against them with my pocket. 
  It is a freaking cookie folks!!  Apparently some with nothing better to be offended about see the red scarf around a polar bear cookie to represent a slashed throat! If it had been another color folks would have been complaining that it wasn’t the right color. Smh!! 
  News flash folks there are real things to be offended by in our world.
Starving children, pedophiles, homeless families, corrupt governments out of control, beheadings, historical landmarks destroyed. I could go on for pages. 
  Unfortunately for us there is a segment of society who gets hurt by words, they need a safe space….  Listen up buttercup, if words and coffee cups and cookies are hurting you. Please kill yourself now!!! And quit taking up the oxygen of those who just get on with their lives. You are just to delicate of a flower to survive in the real world. 
You’ve got to be strong and resilient to survive in our society and even that is not sure thing. You have got to have love and intolerance! Yes I said intolerance, the kind that says no you will not take what I have worked for. That no you cannot tell me what I must believe. That no I will not tolerate harm to myself and loved ones.
Instead we have kids sent home over a star wars shirt that depicts an imaginary gun. A child suspended over a pop tart chewed into the shape of a gun. And countless other imbecilic instances. Meanwhile a child brings a briefcase with a countdown clock to school, and he is rewarded internationally. WHAT THE F???
All I’ve got to say is you better toughen up folks or you and yours will not survive the storm. And make no mistake the storm is here. There is a reason that it has always been said that the strongest will survive. So please come out of your safe spaces, grow a pair, teach your children to stand up for themselves, and get on with the business of living. Because life is what it is, and anyone who ever said it was supposed to be all fairy dust and pretty words was lying!

Where we are today 10/01/15

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  And these are just the atrocities that we know about…  The parents killed in front of their children in Israel. The killers kind, exalting and desecrating the memory, and lives of the victims. Both the living and the dead. A campus shooting in Oregon, false flag perhaps. Idk. (LIC, agenda, Smh) Then to top if off the shooting in Florida, fewer victims but still unsettling. I don’t expect the news to get any
better in the coming days. Russia moves in and bombs  Iraq. Supposedly killed the wrong side. Now wait a minute, please…
Historically the ones we arm turn against us, in turn aiming the weapons we supplied at us. And have the same ideologies as the countryman, you know the ones who chant death to America. So I’m going with Trump on this one let them take care of it.
I can’t help but pray for all the dead, both the innocent and the enemy. They all had families. And possibilities were lost. I can’t say that the enemy can’t come to their senses. The crying suicide flyer, I saw many derisions in the comments. Instead to me a heart breaking, and was shown. That in spite of the culture of death that had been his life, the reality of snuffing out his own life was more then he could bear. And the knowledge that he had no choice but to carry through with his mission. That is truly a heartbreaking place to be.
Realistically we each are in this place with the coming tsurris. Reaching deep inside and being brave and resourceful and obedient to G-ds laws. Survival is possible.

In spite of that sooner or later this country will be in it. As Babylon will fall.
  Gog and Magog are fulfilling their destiny. I watched a video today regarding this prophecy. It said it was the one we best sit out. It is not about the Jews.  Though I doubt we can help being affected by it. Once they get occupied and focused on each other perhaps our land will be safer.
I’ve read the book, the end of this world is just the beginning of the peaceful world, where we are led by G-d above. Shalom all our blessings are on the horizon and in our hearts.