Sometimes life happens that way…Are you serious, as my friend says…

  It took me less than a minute to find the woman on Facebook, another minute or so to find her address, place of employment,her position and tenure  there. Her kids names her husband’s name and employer, and other relatives names, and a wealth of other information.    It did not take me long at all, so I really want to ask this woman, ” ARE YOU SERIOUS????? ”   Now days  access to the internet is  available to most anyone,  And you are ignorant enough to leave a rude note on a credit card slip, are you just not real bright???  These folks had received exemplary service they ran up a decent bill, it was a cheap out, a ghetto move all the way.  And the woman was right sometimes life happens that way, but, be warned others might go farther than I, I just wanted to know how fast I could flesh her out, and it was pretty darn instantaneous.  The marvels of modern days, you see it doesn’t matter that they were rude,  folks who think they should get a free ride, well… what goes around comes around…


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