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The truth is, it ain’t all roses.. Oh but, if it could be…

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    In the family that adopted me, I was blessed with a gram maw who enjoyed ill health.  I loved her dearly, but, it wasn’t a safe or short subject should you innocently inquire “how are you”  It made me decide early on that my outlook would be sunny, and missing medical details.  I was certainly not inclined to go into the medical field   (bless those of you who are)  My early knowledge of what medical tests were for, was because of my gram maws detailed and grisly descriptions of medical procedures.  It is a subject to this day that I can converse reasonably  and with  appropriate responses meanwhile shuddering within. 

      It is because of this that each day before me frightens me now, it was like a door shutting the future finite when they told me about my lungs.  I have seen what the end result of my disease looks like, haven’t experienced it, there probably isn’t much escaping it.  But, today I’m fine as fine as I am today.  I still don’t want to admit to not being 100%  …       I knew in my heart before they told me,  but, if I admit it than its time to deal with it and that would mean changing habits and going to doctors and doing what was better for myself than doing what I want.  I put the worst of it down two years ago when cigarettes went by the wayside, but, of course I’m a hard headed soul and other habits must be tempered or eliminated as well.  I can’t even begin to apologize to my family and friends for causing this and stealing the time that we could have had together in the future and the future generations that  I will not get the reward of knowing.  It probably has more to do with me being impossible to be around lately than anything else.  It is all creeping up on me, and like a deer caught in headlights I have no idea where to run.  I hate that I am not strong anymore, and that I just can’t do everything, and sometimes I can’t even manage anything and I am truly petrified about what will happen to my family, if I can’t get up and do what I have to do,   And maybe, I just need to get to the point that I start doing my best to enjoy the time I have left that I can get around.  No one is promised a tomorrow but, when you are facing a finite future, it really throws you.


the computer had swallowed them up whole, well they will come up for air when the service goes off…

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     Where have all your friends gone???  Hey, you know where they are, if you are on Facebook,  and get to read the posts of the latest achievements in virtual world.  Hey, I’m not knocking it as I’ve said before I wouldn’t mind living on the farm that I have created on the computer.  It’s an awesome thing the wonderful people who I have met from around the world.  There seems to be an avenue for each bent of mind,  you can be destructive or you can grow things and create environments, you can play shopping etc….  There’s enough to interest most anybody.  I’ve watched this normally pristine house go to heck in a handbasket, but,  you know what, as long as he is happy, and having fun.  It’s looks like the wars were fought, here on sight.  I know that I have heard the play by-play description of these battles.

     Is our society truly headed toward what the sci-fi books foretold, a people attached to  machines,  everywhere I look when I wait tables, folks are on their phones online, or on their laptops.  I remember telling my first husband many years ago, that it was coming a time when you couldn’t tell a fib, because it could be checked and we are truly there.  Most everywhere you go in public you must have the expectation of being on camera, our locations are tracked, via our cell phone transmissions.  Big brother is certainly alive and well.  Oh well that is just the way it is I’m not here to even try and protest.  You just know you better act right.  Or as right as I can ever be…lol…                                                  

  All, I know so far,  is that since the t.v. has been silenced, and each of the minds in this house  is so much more active and sharp.  The constant bombardment of commercialism is a click away from being gone, when it pops up.  There is a contentment here that I haven’t felt since the last time the t.v. went silent.  I really don’t want it back..  And, you know if I really want to watch television it is just a click away on this machine.

The dog owns that house..

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home sweet home

It was a cold day heck we had snow on the ground for several days.  just recently we had acquired a lab puppy, now we needed to go to the store, hey the supplies run out after a while.  Now we are not cold-hearted people. The dog who through  most of the snow days had been happily ensconced in the recliner snoozing snoring ands letting gas. But for the wellbeing of our furniture we put him outside. While we went to the store that day when we got back there on the door  was a message from the dog catcher saying that the dog did not have adequate shelter. And we would be fined if we did not give him such, okay I don’t disagree that a dog needs protection from the elements, that would be why our dog now has a home-built doghouse, he doesn’t go in it but, he sure owns his own home now, that’s more than a lot of folks can say….

animals farming and the virtual world, and dang it Dr. Phil, there are those that live in both worlds..

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Everyday at three we would watch dr. phil, sometimes he was out of whack, hey aren’t we all..  But, lately it seems like that shiny pate has lost all compassion and reason.  Or I’m the idiot for taking an online quiz of his,  Amazingly enough the results showed that I was a vain arrogant self involved leader and no one liked me.  This amazed me as my livelihood depends on folks liking me and others,  responding to the directions  that I give them.  So, I blew that off  hey it was just a stupid quiz..  So now he is going off on Farmville ( I wish I could have the farm that I have built, in fantasy land.)   And it amazes me that with him being a shrink that he doesn’t see the wonderful view into the workings of your fellow farmers minds.  It’s a very accurate picture,  since I know most of my ” neighbors” it gives me a good guess that I’m right about the ones I don’t know.  The concept of the game as well as the creative aspects got me involved.  You can’t be successful without helping others, you don’t have to kill steal or blow up anything to play this game, heck you don’t even have to play regular to be of help to your neighbor, leave a few plots plowed, so your neighbor can come by and fertilize your fields and make their points.  I agree that you can’t ignore the rest of the world to live in virtualville, but come on it’s just a game

Social networking not such a bad thing

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  My son laughed at me when I started my Facebook page, hey we all know 15 year olds find us adults excruciatingly backwards, it’s just the way it is.  I was thrilled with my first friend request, and have happily accepted others offers of friendship. It  makes it just all so much more interesting.  My collection of folks ranges from young to old, folks I know and those I’ve never met.  When their names come up on the feed I check out what they are on about that day, or look around their profile and enjoy the content that they have put up to share,  or even check out the new folks they have befriended or become a fan of.  It’s fascinating the places you get to visit, the pics you get to see.  I know I’m sold.                       

  To try to explain my family I don’t even know where to start, a family disbanded by circumstance brought back together over time, some fabrics never meant to be unmended.  But, still in spite the passage of years since the reunification,  there are still many players who have never met.  At least I haven’t met them, I’ve never been miss suzi got lots of rocks..  t.b. 4sure.  As I was scrolling through my niece’s profile I noticed another aunt in the mix, I had to send her a message, as her sister was a blessing in my life from the day she rolled up, in ways that others never knew.  It breaks my heart that my niece is without her mom or her dad.  In my late twenties I met my younger brother for the first time he was something else for sure, lets leave it at that for now.  With him was this lovely smiling woman driving her wheelchair like a Porsche and as I was soon to discover drove her van like a race car.  Of course I would be finding this out across the border in Mexico…  Good times…  I never saw as  much of her as I would have liked my nomadic lifestyle and general brokeness got in the way.  But, knowing her always made a differance in my life, she had a knack of showing up when you needed her most.  Whether in person or by inspiration, no matter what came my way,  she had already showed me the way with her zest for life her kindness and most especially her strength.  I’m thankful everyday,  my life wouldn’t have been the same without her. 

  And it has been one thing to see what most people put in their pages, but, to get to look into the people who you care about

and see the wonderful pics things that with only this medium can be visited and revisited again and again.  It was glorious to look at one of my nieces wedding photos, I wasn’t able to attend because of a death in my immediate family and it hurt my heart to not be there to share that special day with her.  I got to put a face on the young man who joined our family and to see the joy that accompanied their nuptials.  And of course the pictures of the baby, not so much a baby anymore.  For all the evil that is perpetuated on the internet the good that is available far outweighs it

You can take the girl out of the country, but, it keeps visiting…

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Our family just moved to a new home and one of the perks we didn’t know about was the big rooster that lives next door. Yes my friends the cockadoodle-do variety.  Now the thing about roosters is they don’t just crow at daybreak , they keep it up most of the morning.  I realize that most folks would get mad and call the city and be rude about it.  And, some mornings the rooster barely escapes with his life.  I work nights, so I’m not a big fan.  But, karma is karma and who am I to mess with momma nature.  Many years ago, when I was in my twenties, my backyard was a mini farm, there were chickens and, peahens  and peacocks, and guinea fowl, and cats and dogs, and of course there were horses.  And whatever else type  creature my first husband ran across in his travels through the world.  I felt for my neighbors back then, and we lived outside the city limits so no  code restrictions.  And, with the world being the way it is it’s,  not such a bad idea to have some livestock  handy as well as a good kitchen garden.  Just so everyone knows , NO it’s not a good idea to have horses right in your backyard.  I can honestly say I was not disturbed when the horses departed.  There are good reasons for paddocks and pastures and barns, oh yeah.  But, since creatures extended to the two-legged variety many times I preferred the four-legged ones without a doubt.  Though he did manage to dig up some jewels, but, the truth is that everyone that passed through left their mark. 

dogs have always been the best type of friends.

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As I consider my lovely girl Dixie, what a peaceful and kind creature she is.  My son commented the other day about how she was never mad at anybody.  You can always count on your dog to be excited by your return.  A true friend to your child, they love you every day no matter what your mood or whether you got it all right that day or not.  She came into my life after I had ended a relationship, and we,  my son and I,  had moved into our own home.  The first time the man I ended up marrying came over, she jumped into his arms, and decided that he was her man. She stalks him around the house, he rarely can go anywhere without her nose  in it. She truly also has the same vigilance when in comes to the rest of us.  It’s not to far of a stretch there are only three of us to keep on her radar.  But, she does save her top vigilance for the master.  Of all the dogs I’ve had she has the most interesting likes when it comes to food, smoked oysters and shrimp top the list with fish and rellanos right there. She cracks me up, she not to fond of red meat.   most of my other dogs would do backflips for beef.  All of us who have a dog in our heart have a memory that lives in our soul.  It’s a good thing.