animals farming and the virtual world, and dang it Dr. Phil, there are those that live in both worlds..

Everyday at three we would watch dr. phil, sometimes he was out of whack, hey aren’t we all..  But, lately it seems like that shiny pate has lost all compassion and reason.  Or I’m the idiot for taking an online quiz of his,  Amazingly enough the results showed that I was a vain arrogant self involved leader and no one liked me.  This amazed me as my livelihood depends on folks liking me and others,  responding to the directions  that I give them.  So, I blew that off  hey it was just a stupid quiz..  So now he is going off on Farmville ( I wish I could have the farm that I have built, in fantasy land.)   And it amazes me that with him being a shrink that he doesn’t see the wonderful view into the workings of your fellow farmers minds.  It’s a very accurate picture,  since I know most of my ” neighbors” it gives me a good guess that I’m right about the ones I don’t know.  The concept of the game as well as the creative aspects got me involved.  You can’t be successful without helping others, you don’t have to kill steal or blow up anything to play this game, heck you don’t even have to play regular to be of help to your neighbor, leave a few plots plowed, so your neighbor can come by and fertilize your fields and make their points.  I agree that you can’t ignore the rest of the world to live in virtualville, but come on it’s just a game


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