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“WHY YOU SO IDIOT”??? it is a question without an answer.

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  It confounds me as I read through different articles on the Internet and different features of the information highway, the amount of ignorance that we are beset with.    Craigslist is a prime example, can you say flake…    I know, I know, it is Craigslist and some truly amazing things have come about because of it being out there.  But, put an ad on there, to sell something and you get nine kinds of freak and a weirdo or two thrown in for good measure.  And then the people offering money for you to come perform professional services for them and the rates they suggest are downright insulting, it is like a band of merry thieves is running that section of the list.  “Hey please come haul away the stuff I am to lazy to haul to the curb and pay me for the privilege of doing it….  ?????    or,   Hey, can I pay you 50 dollars for something that if I called a company to do would charge me 10,000 for.  Or the ones that I know will get some takers for are offering personal services in exchange for work done…  There is a word for that and it isn’t barter.      

And pets, re homing????  don’t you mean selling?????    but, hey it is just people and a lot of them out there and all kinds.

  A co-worker asked me the other day how people could be so stupid, we were discussing inadequate gratuity’s.  I replied that all she had to do was look at the comments below any news story, or public forum and she would find a wealth of inappropriate and ignorant statements, bigoted, hateful, self-serving, off subject, and a wealth of other types.  Sometimes you wonder if they had even read the article or given any thought to what they chose to share.  Or why the heck they are so darn mad… 

  Thankfully there are some intelligent discourses available and it makes wading through the muck bearable


Sometimes life happens that way…Are you serious, as my friend says…

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  It took me less than a minute to find the woman on Facebook, another minute or so to find her address, place of employment,her position and tenure  there. Her kids names her husband’s name and employer, and other relatives names, and a wealth of other information.    It did not take me long at all, so I really want to ask this woman, ” ARE YOU SERIOUS????? ”   Now days  access to the internet is  available to most anyone,  And you are ignorant enough to leave a rude note on a credit card slip, are you just not real bright???  These folks had received exemplary service they ran up a decent bill, it was a cheap out, a ghetto move all the way.  And the woman was right sometimes life happens that way, but, be warned others might go farther than I, I just wanted to know how fast I could flesh her out, and it was pretty darn instantaneous.  The marvels of modern days, you see it doesn’t matter that they were rude,  folks who think they should get a free ride, well… what goes around comes around…