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Shocked and awed, or at least surprised…

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the pit pom!!!

  I’ve written several entries, since I started on this forum.  Many subjects, things that happen with my family, and issues close to my heart.  It is more of a personal log than anything else, always loved the concept, we are the Star Trek generation after all.  Truly, Beam me up Scotty, there are no signs…  jk,  anyway!     I was surprised the other day when I noticed that a small entry I had posted last year, had gotten traffic and comments.  About handicapped parking no less!    The comments were interesting to say the least, all the way from handicap parking as going to far in political correctness, to how come they aren’t farther away.  Hey that’s an idea????   Seems like everyone forgets pc or not, rude or polite, it is still against the law to use these spaces, unless allowed.  Sometimes I wonder about the world we all share.  But, I will live my life and you live yours, it is all good. 

  It, this web log, is something that I have been glad that it is already a part of my life.  It has given me an outlet, a place to put verbage to the outrages and the blessings that touch my ordinary life.  BP, is busy on the tv today telling us how they are the good guys…  Interesting, I wonder how much it will cost to mesmerize and confuse the american public??? hmmm…  It is good to be writing and recording things in these times as in all others.     It has been an interesting time and the soul expansion an unexpected blessing.    It is a way for our families future members to look at  their past relatives lives.     But more than anything it is the only place where I can discuss my stuff without interruption or interpretation.  A soapbox of my own so to speak.   It’s my web address I can rant if I want to!!! 

   Life never ceases to be an interesting journey, and participation in others lives, gives a wealth of purpose to living.  All the current facilities  of communication that open up the world to global interaction.   It is a leveler as age, gender, and race aren’t always apparent. It becomes apparent quickly that although others live thousands of miles away from each other the lives they lead have many of the same components that each of our own do.  Eating out , being social, enjoying family time and outdoor activities, etc…   So ideas spread and communities are formed with a diversity of membership rarely seen before.  As our family has continued on its journey, stroke recovery, family betrayal, health sickness, bills and unexpected expenses, good days great days and the so so days and of course the real sucky ones that we would rather brush under the rug. A year later back home, moving from the back of the place to the house in the front.  An interesting journey in of itself.  We are finally sleeping nights again.  Even though that might have to do more with the bolts and locks and the deep-throated bark of our trusty hound and the shrill scream of our pit-pom,  and no she isn’t a mix just an attitude without end.  But, I digress as per usual.  

  The last half of this year has been sad, my friends neighbor disappeared mysteriously, foul play very possible,  I worry for my friend living that close.  It has been awe inspiring watching Lisa Stone’s high school friends gather and unite and lead the charge and the crusade to get answers, everyone should be so lucky to have friends who would go this far and continue to pursue the answer to what has happened.  America’s most Wanted has stepped up and now their involvement brings even more possibilities of getting the answers.  is a place to go for more information.    When I am out and about and  see all the wooded areas and  deep water, just in the areas of town I travel through, where do you begin looking?   The world is a large place, and it is frightening how many people disappear on such a regular basis.  Some of course of their own volition but, others well…    Even though of course I was always aware that folks went missing,  in the last six months I have paid more attention to all the people just within our midst vanish, and the numbers make you wonder if you ever want to let anyone you love out of your sight for even a moment.  And yet of course we must all continue on living our daily lives and doing what we must to provide for our families.  So the family huddle doesn’t work out financially for the unit for sure,  I can always dream right?   Talk with you good folks later… Clothes to be hung up…


He couldn’t seem to figure out why I was writing his truck number down..

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  As I pulled into the parking lot of one of our local discount chain stores today, a delivery truck (one of the big guys)  pulled  in and parked across both the handicapped spaces, went in and made his delivery.  He then came out and much to his surprise and confusion I was writing his number down.  You know and I can somewhat understand his point of view he’s just going in for  a moment  (and gosh why should those crippled folks get the best parking?? )  He’s not alone out there, folks blatantly ignore the signs and park without a placard or a plate.  I never really paid attention to it before.  How can we as a society be so callous and  (even though the truth of the matter is the strong will always take advantage of the weak) so ill- mannered.  Probably if the police patrolled parking lots and handed out those two hundred-dollar tickets things would change, since that is the only way that things change,  hit people in their pocketbook.  In the last several months I’ve noticed it time after time, a couple of times every week at least.  


    The requirements to get the permit are stringent and you have to get a doctor to sign off on it.  Now, I’m not so naïve that I don’t realize that there are those out there that probably shouldn’t have  them.  I remember the desperate housewives episode where Gabby was using her husband Carlos’s  permit dragging him all over,  so she could get the best parking spaces.  At least she was obeying the law and had him with her.  That placard means that the doctor says you can’t walk to far or you can’t walk at all.  Now, imagine trying to get through your day being in that condition, those of you who are you know what I mean,  The thing about life is as we all know is that no matter what your circumstances there are errands and chores that must  accomplished, life gets lived.  I wish folks would just think twice and not take those spaces.  Someday, it could be you…