Social networking not such a bad thing

  My son laughed at me when I started my Facebook page, hey we all know 15 year olds find us adults excruciatingly backwards, it’s just the way it is.  I was thrilled with my first friend request, and have happily accepted others offers of friendship. It  makes it just all so much more interesting.  My collection of folks ranges from young to old, folks I know and those I’ve never met.  When their names come up on the feed I check out what they are on about that day, or look around their profile and enjoy the content that they have put up to share,  or even check out the new folks they have befriended or become a fan of.  It’s fascinating the places you get to visit, the pics you get to see.  I know I’m sold.                       

  To try to explain my family I don’t even know where to start, a family disbanded by circumstance brought back together over time, some fabrics never meant to be unmended.  But, still in spite the passage of years since the reunification,  there are still many players who have never met.  At least I haven’t met them, I’ve never been miss suzi got lots of rocks..  t.b. 4sure.  As I was scrolling through my niece’s profile I noticed another aunt in the mix, I had to send her a message, as her sister was a blessing in my life from the day she rolled up, in ways that others never knew.  It breaks my heart that my niece is without her mom or her dad.  In my late twenties I met my younger brother for the first time he was something else for sure, lets leave it at that for now.  With him was this lovely smiling woman driving her wheelchair like a Porsche and as I was soon to discover drove her van like a race car.  Of course I would be finding this out across the border in Mexico…  Good times…  I never saw as  much of her as I would have liked my nomadic lifestyle and general brokeness got in the way.  But, knowing her always made a differance in my life, she had a knack of showing up when you needed her most.  Whether in person or by inspiration, no matter what came my way,  she had already showed me the way with her zest for life her kindness and most especially her strength.  I’m thankful everyday,  my life wouldn’t have been the same without her. 

  And it has been one thing to see what most people put in their pages, but, to get to look into the people who you care about

and see the wonderful pics things that with only this medium can be visited and revisited again and again.  It was glorious to look at one of my nieces wedding photos, I wasn’t able to attend because of a death in my immediate family and it hurt my heart to not be there to share that special day with her.  I got to put a face on the young man who joined our family and to see the joy that accompanied their nuptials.  And of course the pictures of the baby, not so much a baby anymore.  For all the evil that is perpetuated on the internet the good that is available far outweighs it


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  1. haha i love you 2


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