Prayers being answered

The nation of people who have watched, you know the deplorables,  and now the basement dwellers, have seen enough. It’s insane that she is still running. Anyone else would have already been behind bars. 

 I truly believe though that a good many prayers have been lifted for the truth to come to light. It’s been a common refrain for the last century in this country that the government was crooked. Yet the same folks kept ending up in office. With the voter fraud that has already been uncovered, question is how long have there been boxes prepared full of votes.We already knew about the dead people!  It’s no wonder we want to make America great again!  

 The debates alone both a bias circus,  and in both T &P were the winners.  I’m well aware that the scientific polls said otherwise. I’ve never been of the opinion that a cheater should be considered the winner.  And Kaine’s performance, it was like watching an alternate view of reality.  The highly edited,  soft soap version of world affairs,and HRC’s role in them ,  the accusations that have been made and proved false.  And then added in was the continuation of the false accusations and assertions. A common element in both debates so far.  The insults and interruptions and outright lies by both HRC and Kaine  respectively condescending then for round two a blowhard jackass.

 And back to the truth breaking out all over.  A sea of red is what I’m expecting election day.  As the alternative virtually guarantees that blood will flow in our streets.  Even more so then now.  And granted there are those who have promised violence when Donald Trump takes office.  We have room in the prisons, lots of space opened up. SMH!!! 

 And for you undecided,  do you want real leadership,  or do you want to continue on our path to destruction. It’s time to put our welfare first as a country. Trump isn’t the bad guy he’s made out to be,  yes he is direct,  and tells things how he sees them, in the real world of business that’s how successful people  operate. It gets things accomplished. He has a long history of bringing his endeavors to completion.  He hasn’t spent his whole life censoring himself to keep political power.  His power came from hard work and dedication,  growing and continuing his families wealth.  He’s already got a legacy that no one can destroy. Think about that Mr Obama!  But,  I digress it’s a two person race. A better future with Trump, or a  continuation of the downward spiral that our nation faces with a mentally,  spiritually and medically ill ,and truth challenged woman. She caught the Middle East on fire, it would be the fate that will befall us.

 Our eyes have been opened as a country,  though decades have passed with our citizens  bemoaning our crooked government.  The truth we’ve prayed for in the truth coming to light and going viral. The light has even come on in some surprising people. There is hope folks.  May G-ds protective cloak envelope the Trump and Pence families.  We need these people. 

We are truly blessed that the inequities and crimes against us are being broadcast. It gives us a chance to escape the clutches of the criminals at the top. 


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