Ferguson, Baltimore, and Oregon what’s the difference? A lot!!

  So I hear many saying that this is all the same! Not even close! Reality is the Hammond’s have been systematically harassed, prosecuted, and their rights violated by the BLM.    They are hard working tax paying land owners, who only want to be allowed to run their business! As is their right to do. Who also stopped a forest fire which would have caused immense monetary damages to everyone living there. On the other hand we have welfare grubbing violent criminals who destroy property, burn down businesses, and block commerce. Who don’t contribute to the community and want safe spaces to protect them from words. One group who worked hard for themselves and the other mad because nothing is free.
  Of course I wish it didn’t have to come to this! But anyone reading the history of what the Hammond’s have faced can come to no other conclusion that they are the victims of a power mad, vindictive government bureau!  This is unlawful persecution! It is tyranny and if you don’t see it read it again. Look at the map! Their land is in a prime location and BLM wanted it!
Funny how the Soros funded atrocities are OK but, a legal militia taking a stand is not? It is our inherent right as citizens to oppose unethical and illegal government actions.
It is all leading to BAD things, the powerful will not give up easily. Yet at this point a majority of citizens are fed up and ready to stand their ground. We live in interesting times. The cloak of evil has been lifted and the gross putrid carcass is on display for all to see. The fraudulent government will be laid bare for all to see. Our original Constitution needs to be restored. Our true freedom will rise again. Don’t know how long or when or even if I will be still alive when it comes. But for our children and their children the beast must be slaughtered.


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