Left wing, right wing, same bird!

  Since the beginning of time, corruption and power have gone hand in hand. I read the comments and see the finger pointing, your guy did this, well your guy did that. The point being missed is that we can’t change the past. Our country was sold out a long time ago!  We can change the future. It will take realizing that continuing the same actions, will only get us more of the same. It isn’t that we need to form a new government, we need to regain our original constitution.  Anyone literate has to be appalled at the sheer ignorance that is spewed by our representatives! It is quite apt that congress means a group of baboons. The American people were sold out a long time ago. It has been a slow process and an insidious one.  Watch some of the shows from the seventies, talk about propaganda wrapped up in entertainment. And of course they propaganda continued. Television told us we needed more government control, that broken homes were okay, being rude to your elders was okay. That open display of immoral lifestyles needed to not only be tolerated and admired but something was wrong with you if you didn’t except these things as normal. Of course I could go on and on. But you get the point.  We have learned that only if you are among the elite are your crimes ignored. We have a woman who STOLE federal property, amongst her other crimes running for POTUS!!  By law this is prohibited!!  I guess the laws are just for the little people.  Politicians spend millions to get a $150,000.
a year job. That should be a big clue that they don’t work for us!!  Raise their own salaries while veterans and seniors and children go without. If you look at world history, every government body that has been overthrown has been because the little people were fed up with being taxed without representation. It would behoove the powers that be to study up on history. But, I don’t see that happening since they won’t even read the bills that they pass. Be brave, be strong, be savvy. The rode to redemption is going to be rough. But we owe it to our future generations to fix this.


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