Where we are today 10/01/15

  And these are just the atrocities that we know about…  The parents killed in front of their children in Israel. The killers kind, exalting and desecrating the memory, and lives of the victims. Both the living and the dead. A campus shooting in Oregon, false flag perhaps. Idk. (LIC, agenda, Smh) Then to top if off the shooting in Florida, fewer victims but still unsettling. I don’t expect the news to get any
better in the coming days. Russia moves in and bombs  Iraq. Supposedly killed the wrong side. Now wait a minute, please…
Historically the ones we arm turn against us, in turn aiming the weapons we supplied at us. And have the same ideologies as the countryman, you know the ones who chant death to America. So I’m going with Trump on this one let them take care of it.
I can’t help but pray for all the dead, both the innocent and the enemy. They all had families. And possibilities were lost. I can’t say that the enemy can’t come to their senses. The crying suicide flyer, I saw many derisions in the comments. Instead to me a heart breaking, and was shown. That in spite of the culture of death that had been his life, the reality of snuffing out his own life was more then he could bear. And the knowledge that he had no choice but to carry through with his mission. That is truly a heartbreaking place to be.
Realistically we each are in this place with the coming tsurris. Reaching deep inside and being brave and resourceful and obedient to G-ds laws. Survival is possible.

In spite of that sooner or later this country will be in it. As Babylon will fall.
  Gog and Magog are fulfilling their destiny. I watched a video today regarding this prophecy. It said it was the one we best sit out. It is not about the Jews.  Though I doubt we can help being affected by it. Once they get occupied and focused on each other perhaps our land will be safer.
I’ve read the book, the end of this world is just the beginning of the peaceful world, where we are led by G-d above. Shalom all our blessings are on the horizon and in our hearts.


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