Lead me back

I am coming L-rd. I can’t profess to know why You have provided the path that I walked in this plain. Why, I was cut off from my people and family coming up. You made sure that always my life was surrounded with the chosen.  It wasn’t hard to make up my mind after reading the whole book that what mattered was in Isaiah. The first the last and the only.

It is time to divest myself of all the pagan symbols. Nor will I ever observe them again.  It is interesting to note that this year no observance was made by myself of either all saints eve or of the winter solstice.  I tried to attend the local church. I found the sermons rather lacking. The same paragraph repeated over and over. Then the blood libel that was uttered. It took everything I had to not stand up and denounce the speaker. I watched our people caressed with one hand and slapped with the other.  Then Passover came, I couldn’t go back and be among the enemies of my people. I would rather stand alone then to be in the company of idolators. .

The more I read the more I know that the lie has been perpetuated. The Torah is one version and one version only.  The new testament a recycling of ancient stories, not the first virgin birth to be told.  I don’t know if I am good enough to be a good observant jew. It is time to study and become closer to the person that He would want to call his own. That is all that I can aspire to in his service.


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