Thank you for this blessing

How did I go so long without my sister? I was blessed with the woman my eldest brother married. In fact all my sisters in law have been beyond awesome. The ones my brothers have married and the sisters of my husbands over the years. There is no doubt in my mind had we grown up together. From the time my brother met Cathy she and I would have been running buddies. It is still very possible that I will end up living back down on the coast. I had forgotten how much I liked the weather. I would like to go back to summer clothes most of the year. Not without my son though. All it would probably take is a trip or two being with the family to get him thinking about it.  But, I digress. So many changes and losses in the recent past. Oh how life has changed. My son meeting me at the door of the bus. That was heaven. An arm to lean on my bags carried. My struggle lifted. My visit with my family a tonic that my soul needed. A letting down of my hearts pain. I feel whole again. My young nieces snuggled up next to me. Now that is some joy!  I see their mother in each of them.


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