Better to let sleeping dogs sleep

  Sleeping dogs  old memories, best to let them rest.  Finding out that your memories, are more golden in the past.  Oh well I am glad it happened I won’t waste any of the time i have left, on folks that don’t remember me or it is obvious that i am not important to them..  It is very telling when you know when a message was seen. Oh well, my heart is pretty much used to reality. It is qone thing when someone you knew doesn’t recall you, that is an oh well. When your kin don’t respond to a message that important. Won’t be initiating any more contact. I don’t see the purpose of pursuing those that don’t hold me close in their heart. I have a few people who truly care for and love me. I realize that the number can be counted on a hand maybe a toe or two. Maybe I will get well, perhaps I won’t. But one thing I do know is that it is up to me, whether I have a year or many more. Time won’t be wasted on things and people that don’t matter


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