A name from the past, blood reconnected, a mitzvah indeed! However it turns out.

Facebook is the great connector in so many people’s lives, it has given me so many of my peeps back and the ability to still be in touch with people who I don’t still see all the time.and people you never expect in a million years to get a chance to communicate with!

It was certainly a dinner convo that I had not anticipated.  My son told me that there was a page on facebook  looking for his dad, and that they had contacted him.  We don’t know where he is and he would have good reason to steer clear of myself and our son.  It was not my doing but, the judges in the dissolution decree.  He had managed to piss her honor off a few times during the proceedings  To give us lifelong paper protection from him.  We all know how good a piece of paper stops a bullet)  Many seasons have passed since those days.  And taking from the old adage to let sleeping dogs lie, that is what I did, and in spite of the non support by him.  It was my belief that my energies would be better spent raising this child rather than chasing a reluctant participant.

It is his family that seeks him, and like I learned with the meeting of my natural family that you get a whole lot more than you ever imagined even if you never find what you were thinking that you would find in the first place.  I have a great joy deep in my heart that my son will have the side of his family that he never knew.  I never met any of my first husbands family, I heard many stories about them though.  I can certainly see from the pictures that they are his people.

I hope these folks do find him or find out what happened to him, and, I will certainly tell them what I can.  After my involvement in the looking for Lisa Stone page I was surprised to find myself listed  by my maiden name on a looking for page. on facebook.  I never truly knew why he did not stay in close contact with his family, sometimes it is because what we have done and others because of what we haven’t.  He always yearned for home you could tell.  There were rare times that regret showed through more than he wanted it to.  But, yearn for his homeland, he never stopped, and what is yearning for home but, missing family.  Perhaps I also will find out what happened to Lawrie Drysdale it has got my curiosity up as well


2 Responses to “A name from the past, blood reconnected, a mitzvah indeed! However it turns out.”

  1. I’m sure it will answer many of his questions – and yours. Best wishes and prayers for success.


    • thank you, I was just pondering the divine intervention that is in play in our lives. The comfort I have now that I know that my son will have not only my people at his side but, his fathers as well. I will not have to leave him all alone on this earth when my time comes. It is a prayer answered


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