they have been preparing us for a long time…

It occurred to me the other day, that we have been prepared for a very long time to accept the idea of one world, one government.    Yeah here I go again with the star trek references but,truly,  it was a picture of earth as a Utopian society that had one government and everybody got along just fine, of course sometimes we would have to kick some alien tail or get some alien tail  (i.e. captain Kirk, and after that Riker)  A world where race was not an issue but, ethnic pride was strong.  boy they were stretching the limits of human nature, possibly a tad, more credit than humans deserve.

Now I am assuming that everyone knows that this utopian society has no chance of coming about without a lot more people being killed and a complete turnaround of most of the world’s thinking.  Don’t see that happening in my lifetime, and I don’t even know if we still have a chance with the poison we have spread on this earth.  Between the pollution, the oil spills, and the radiation, and whatever else they are doing to us all the while feeding us a load of utter codswallop rather than the truth.  Birds have fallen out of the skies and fish have washed up on shore dead, not one, not two but, thousands.  Losing!!! duh!!

Perhaps we have already gone to far in our mistreatment of our Mother Earth.  In spite of all the good people who save plastic and recycle and do their part.  The governments and big business continue their rape and pillage of our earths resources and we the citizens are left with the damage.  The workers from the bp oil spill are all ill, and the ones who cleaned up the Valdez a few years back are all dead and buried.  And we still haven’t seen the long-term damage of Japan’s disaster.  We will all be affected in some way or another.

There are those that go on about, how the illuminati are in charge and maybe they are…  I just don’t have time to  worry about what their plans are, and how it could hold me back, there is too much to do to focus so much attention on things you cannot change.  There are enough things that we all have in our own lives that we can change and do control.    After all we live, until we die.


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