A burger, a beer, and a waitress to go

  Everyone has a love story, whether it’s a nightmare or a dream come true depends on the participants and sometimes the part of the timeline you are hearing about.  But that is a given I guess, life happens in the strangest happenstance at times, and today once again I am reminded that a circle is not a good route.  But, that is okay, because the course can correct.  But, that of course is getting off subject.  The title of the story is my love story, and it is still true, he and my son still eat burgers, he still has a beer, and when I go, I go waitress.  Life is pretty good you know!   It could be worse!!!!  Sometimes we look around at other options, and situations, and see immediately that our own lives are so blessed.  Our families, our co-workers, our friends , the folks we interact with every day, whether it be in person or on on the Internet.  Each of our lives is a community that each of us build for ourselves.  We must choose carefully!

Growing up, my interests didn’t  include  team activities,  or such things whether they be male or female oriented.   Of course now I can see the social value of it, and the skills of team work, and the value of cooperation, but, most loner’s don’t gravitate towards this type of group.  And not being a participant in these type of groups I never even thought about how you never know how valuable these associations can be.  

    It was certainly not something that whomever is responsible for the disappearance of Lisa Stone counted on.  Her closest friends and neighbors became worried immediately, the flimsy stories being told were not holding water.  Something just wasn’t right … Phone calls were made, emails were sent, questions started being asked, authorities were notified again and again.  Strange evidence uncovered, the Authorities take note.  A Face book page started Looking for Lisa Stone  Please help us find her.   Around June 4th of this year 2010,  she was last seen.  This page has grown daily, as the prayer circle widens, and more eyes join the search, It is an astounding thing to watch this group of high school friends pull together to look for their missing friend.  Their dedication to this endeavour is living proof of the hearts that Lisa touched with her life.  I pray everyday for their success in this and the person or person’s responsible for this be brought to justice..  Check out the YouTube video made about this, it will touch your heart! 

Appropriately titled Looking for Lisa Stone


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