Did you really think we wouldn’t look???? and ask questions?

   Life has been a nightmare for Lisa Stone’s friends and loved one’s for the past month and a half.  We don’t know where she is and the person or person’s who know are not telling.  Over the last year I have heard many stories second hand about the troubles that were happening in her home, I worried for my friend who lived next door, as their problems had visited themselves on her doorstep.  When I first heard that Lisa was missing, my insides turned to ice and my heart filled with horror.  My sixth sense told me that she just didn’t wander off down the road,  I saw the frustration and anger that came about as the local authorities dismissed the concerns of Lisa Stone’s friends and neighbors.  It took determination and repeated contact with authorities to get them to listen, Only when, her friends showed the cops stuff that had been disposed of by Lisa’s partner did the authorities step up. These items being things that you just don’t throw away.  Unfortunately, well over a month had passed by then and many bits of evidence are probably lost forever.  We will keep looking for you Lisa Stone, it won’t be over until you are found and whoever was involved in your disappearance brought to justice.


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