Smoking that life away. Light em if. Ya got em, you’re gonna anyway….

I sure as heck wasn’t gonna let. anyone tell me I needed to quit and most folks are that way. I ws a dedicated smoker myself made sure I never ran out made sure I had a light. When cigarette break time came I was first out the door, If you are like I was your life is a haze of smelly smoke. And the great thing about when you do smoke is you have no idea how noxious your odors are. But, hey I’m not gonna convince you to stop, I can only share with you the changes that I have had to adjust to. Since I smoked until my lungs quit working right. Got to change jobs right away since I couldn’t work in an enviroment where cigarette smoking was allowed. Now I wait tables and my money is in repeat business and I had waited tables for close to a decade in the area, I end up going over to the next town where smoking isn’t allowed. Thank goodness I work for a corporation that had multiple locations , but it took a bit of time to acquire, a clientele  again . I can’t approach anything the same, when its a pretty day and the breeze is blowing just right.  It’s better I stay inside and that sucks, too long of a kiss and I’m wheezing instead of well you know.  It took a lot of things from me and I know that as a smoker you don’t want to hear it.  And maybe you will get lucky and it won’t affect you and you won’t have to go through what my family and I are going through.  It’s something to think about.


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