Its just random thoughts and heartfelt opinions,

The other day on the way out to get in my car to go to work, it crossed my mind to get a picture of the rosebush in the yard. It had three blooms all open at the pinnacle of their maturity, it would have been a nice picture. I say would have because, overnight rains and winds, left my pretty red roses looking more like their cousins the wild rose whose untamed petals jut out in all directions, beautiful yes but, not a tame roses best look, But, no matter how you look at the picture of what happened in the news clip I saw today,there was no beauty or justice involved.  It is history revisited, just different players.   It was about a young hispanic man going about his day, doing his job in Arizona, And being detained, even though he had state issued identification, You can’t tell me, when a good amount of the world has internet access.  The authorities ride around town with one in their vehicle.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      So basically no one could bother to go tippity- tap, click, click, and find out who this young man was. Instead they  had to inconvenience and terrorize his wife,  she had to leave her job, go  home, retrieve her husband’s birth certificate, and drive out to where he was being held. I had to applaud her foresight in bringing her own birth certificate with her, they didn’t say if she had to show it but , never the less in a world gone insane, where law enforcement is refusing to recognize state issued papers,from their own state…   Why be unprepared? This couple appears to be hardworking, both have jobs normal american people working toward their own American dream. Where are any of us to go. Should this evil continue to flourish and spread, The American dream will be dead, lives torn permanently asunder, by radical law enforcement and a People fighting to regain our freedoms and our rights to Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Perhaps this will be the straw that lights the fires of change in this country there are to many of us that have families that include many nationalities. I’ve wondered most of my adult life when I see events unfold that you would think as a people we would stand up and stop the abuses and injustices heaped on us as a people by our local, state and federal governments. Perhaps in my lifetime or perhaps not…


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