Sticks and stones and musty, dusty piles of paper

Well you know I really dont care if you read or like what I have to say in this weblog.  It is what it is.  Back in the day on Star Trek   the personal histories that were kept  fascinated me  you could leave pieces of yourself that way for the future to see.  A glimpse, a shared experience a connection that can reach across space and time.  How many times have we all said that we wished we could know what someone in our past thought about.  Gee, this works pretty well and you don’t have to go crazy with rejection letters from publishers, you just click a button and your verbiage is published, not paid, but, published nonetheless….   Sometimes it is just about letting the words flow and out in the open and it helps keep the house free of musty piles of paper scribbled with well I don’t want to describe it.  Nor does anyone who lives with a writer…


One Response to “Sticks and stones and musty, dusty piles of paper”

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