The dog owns that house..

home sweet home

It was a cold day heck we had snow on the ground for several days.  just recently we had acquired a lab puppy, now we needed to go to the store, hey the supplies run out after a while.  Now we are not cold-hearted people. The dog who through  most of the snow days had been happily ensconced in the recliner snoozing snoring ands letting gas. But for the wellbeing of our furniture we put him outside. While we went to the store that day when we got back there on the door  was a message from the dog catcher saying that the dog did not have adequate shelter. And we would be fined if we did not give him such, okay I don’t disagree that a dog needs protection from the elements, that would be why our dog now has a home-built doghouse, he doesn’t go in it but, he sure owns his own home now, that’s more than a lot of folks can say….


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