Running with Patience

  Many years ago at a thrift store I picked up a small picture that was so simple.  It has lived in my kitchen all the time I’ve had it.  It;s kind of silly looking, it’s  a dude in running shorts and a t-shirt and next to it says let us run with patience the race set before us..        Hebrews 12.1    It spoke to me then and it still holds true every day that passes.            


I hear people all the time wishing that the day was over, the week was over, the year was over.  It saddens me each moment being gone, always, once past.  How would you want to wish away the time we are allotted.  As I sit here and type in my thoughts into this file,  I listen to my husband and his friend go on.  It would change this blog’s rating to include any of their content but, and I think the deserve the expectation of privacy, and, I’m not sure I’m cut out for the porn sites.. Life is good   


  I remember when I was pretty young my momma told me that time passed in a heartbeat that was unfathomable to me then.  Of course it didn’t take to many years to pass for time to start spinning faster and faster.  We all know, it’s a communal endeavour  and with the speed that our days pass, patience is the last thing we think about.  It’s something I hope I remember more as my days wane


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