You can take the girl out of the country, but, it keeps visiting…

Our family just moved to a new home and one of the perks we didn’t know about was the big rooster that lives next door. Yes my friends the cockadoodle-do variety.  Now the thing about roosters is they don’t just crow at daybreak , they keep it up most of the morning.  I realize that most folks would get mad and call the city and be rude about it.  And, some mornings the rooster barely escapes with his life.  I work nights, so I’m not a big fan.  But, karma is karma and who am I to mess with momma nature.  Many years ago, when I was in my twenties, my backyard was a mini farm, there were chickens and, peahens  and peacocks, and guinea fowl, and cats and dogs, and of course there were horses.  And whatever else type  creature my first husband ran across in his travels through the world.  I felt for my neighbors back then, and we lived outside the city limits so no  code restrictions.  And, with the world being the way it is it’s,  not such a bad idea to have some livestock  handy as well as a good kitchen garden.  Just so everyone knows , NO it’s not a good idea to have horses right in your backyard.  I can honestly say I was not disturbed when the horses departed.  There are good reasons for paddocks and pastures and barns, oh yeah.  But, since creatures extended to the two-legged variety many times I preferred the four-legged ones without a doubt.  Though he did manage to dig up some jewels, but, the truth is that everyone that passed through left their mark. 


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