Didn’t I tell you I was going to make a right turn?

All the signs were there,  after all the left turns that led nowhere, I was bound to try  a right instead.  To thine own self be true has been a mantra that had led many down a greater path depending on which part of themselves,  they are being true to.    The itch has grown over the past several months.  Now, I’m  out there laying the foundation for the road trip that leads to the next best part of my life.  After, watching my husband fight his way back from the stroke that befell him this last summer.  I am so proud of him, it let me know  that I had chosen correctly this time.  I have fought my way back from many disabling illness’ and accidents, as has he.  Neither of us has much patience with crybabies, sometimes this isn’t good news for others…  It will become obvious, that unless you are putting jack in my pocket.  I’m not real interested in your problem.  I like everyone else out here in the real world have mouths to feed and creditors to satisfy.  So, let’s get real the family comes first, so the new road begins  today.  When the plan comes to fruition, it will be time to share.  Suzi


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