Please, show me yellow, please, please…please thank you

The corporation I work for has this wonderful perk for its employees, the team you know.  After six months of service you can receive fifty percent off at any of the parent corps restaurants.  This is a benefit that is enjoyed often by fellow employees all the way across the country.  Honestly, I am pro  ud to work for this company, We do a lot of good out there, even though I certainly realize that these things are done to “make money continue to work for them”      And, I for one absolutely enjoy taking care of my fellow teammates the ones with the yellow cards, these include  everyone up to the restaurant managers.   Because, even though you are required to tip 20 percent of the original total, or possibly lose your half comp card.  Most team members go a little better for their fellow team member.  Now  another category of card and it is the black card and it is for the way ups.  Now they get all their food comped and non alcoholic beverages.  We bring them back a receipt that tells them to the penny what 20 percent of their bill was.  Now more often than not they will leave the exact amount, or there are those who cheap out on the change, and then there is the TRULY SPECIAL ONE who somehow seems to always forget to leave anything,  I asked my other team members, when he did this to me and found out it was a common practice on his part.   I  find it extremely disrespectful on his part to do that to the people who are putting the money in his bank accounts.  It shouldn’t surprise me with a country that has huge corporate bailouts where the workers are bent over and the execs take all.    Does no one ever learn.  Folks like that make my heart truly hope that truly St. Peter has got a gate up there and  he’s asking questions.  I know that I will have my own sins to answer for if there is, but, only mine..    Have a good day folks Suzi


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