dogs have always been the best type of friends.

As I consider my lovely girl Dixie, what a peaceful and kind creature she is.  My son commented the other day about how she was never mad at anybody.  You can always count on your dog to be excited by your return.  A true friend to your child, they love you every day no matter what your mood or whether you got it all right that day or not.  She came into my life after I had ended a relationship, and we,  my son and I,  had moved into our own home.  The first time the man I ended up marrying came over, she jumped into his arms, and decided that he was her man. She stalks him around the house, he rarely can go anywhere without her nose  in it. She truly also has the same vigilance when in comes to the rest of us.  It’s not to far of a stretch there are only three of us to keep on her radar.  But, she does save her top vigilance for the master.  Of all the dogs I’ve had she has the most interesting likes when it comes to food, smoked oysters and shrimp top the list with fish and rellanos right there. She cracks me up, she not to fond of red meat.   most of my other dogs would do backflips for beef.  All of us who have a dog in our heart have a memory that lives in our soul.  It’s a good thing.


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