good morning once again…

Hello, and what do we visit about today.  Watching my son  this afternoon, his girlfriend came over to visit, it reminded me of back in the day  when we were young and still believed that we knew it all.  I of course know better now.  No one told me that the older I got the less I would believe in.  In a way it is sad when you know better than to think in a certain way because, just cuz, its pretty to think so doesn’t make it so..  Oh Well that’s life.  Forever is a  lie we tell because its easy to believe when you are young.  That evil will be punished and that if you do things right things will go well okay I know you are holding your sides and laughing until it hurts.  Of course there are the blessed out there who have no idea what I’m talking about since the sun has shone brightly on them.  Of  course, I really don’t believe that anyone gets out without some scars  Anyway, ya’ll visit my website order something great so here’s the address  See you there thanks Suzi


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