Good early morn

Whatever will this day bring,  sometimes I wonder how one could go ahead and take one’s own life, since life so often turns on a dime so to speak.  In the past few days two people I knew, not well but, for many years have passed on.  Neither one of these people had any tolerance for quitters.  Speaking of quitting I had to laugh tonight when one of my fellow servers asked me what happened to our dishwasher and I popped off that he had gotten tired of doing dishes.  apparently he truly had gotten tired, another one bites  the dust.   And that’s one of the positions in a restaurant that actually gets paid, dishwashers and cooks, everyone else here in Texas unless the company is   paying decent haha  gets by with paying  servers and your buspeople less than minimum wage.  Than the servers in most establishments have to pay the bus people and the bartenders and sometimes the hostess and sometimes the food runner a percentage of their money.  It’s is bad enough that the corporations and the restaurant owners get away with not paying their people,  Maybe you can understand better why servers don’t appreciate crappy tips or no tips,  How would you feel if at your job, you had to pay the other people who work there  out of the money you make , yet your lining the companies pocket that you both are working for?  I lost all respect for Suze Orman the financial advisor when she suggested that in these hard times you only tip ten percent .  Might I suggest that she can put that tip right where the sun don’t shine.  If you are going to disrespect someone who provides you with a service, by cheaping out.  Imagine how you would feel…


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