today we start

Most people who know would probably say that I haven’t had a stellar year.  Yet here on this day I look back and still feel thankful for all the bounty that has come our way.    And yet once again my husband shares with us, life is rich and wonderful in so many ways.:]    We are settled in again into our own abode, and not sharing space with the in-laws, and this wasn’t mom and dad it was brothers, sisters, and aunts and an evil uncle,who lived down the road.  Every tale needs a dark force, and, each time I look up another character joins sometimes dancing back and forth between the light and the dark..  They all end up somewhere in the end, who am I to say..   I watch people everyday, waiting tables is an education unto  itself.  I have worked with the public pretty much most my adult life in many different capacities..  It is hard for someone to actually surprise me.  The one truth I do know is that most folks are inherently good intentioned sometimes definitely misguided but the positive intentions are there and that is enough for life to be the wonderfully amusing rollercoaster ride that it is.  So, today like all days is a good day for that is the choice that is made at the beginning of each day…


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